How To Make It Easier For The Homeless To Travel By Gifting A Duffel Bag

In the U.S. alone, 553,742 homeless people are roaming the streets. Think about the severity of this number. 17 % of the U.S. population either sleeps in tents, on the streets, or on benches within their surrounding areas. Homelessness has detrimental effects on health and the brain itself.

As a homeless person, life conditions you to survive, which means resorting to the things you never believed possible, like begging for money. Individuals that experience long-term homelessness are typically travelers.

The longer they stay out on the streets, the more they need. Homeless people tend to carry the essentials for their basic needs carrying backpacks, suitcases, or even shopping carts. There are ways to make a homeless person’s life easier without merely handing out change. Gifting a homeless person a duffel bag can make all the difference in the world for them.

Duffel Bags Carry More Than An Average Bag

There is almost no limit to its holding capacity for a duffel bag. Duffel bags come in various sizes for large and small item carrying. You can find anything from carry-on size to a suitcase equivalent. The weight of the duffel bag will depend on what contents get packed inside. The perfect duffle bag gift will depend on the homeless person’s lifestyle.

Small to medium light duffel bags may suffice for frequent travelers due to their lightweight features. Campers or people staying more permanently in the area may benefit from a giant bag from collecting various necessities over time without constantly carrying their bags to new locations.

Duffel Bag

Durability and Reliability

Let’s face it, over time; wear-and-tear takes a toll. Bags, backpacks, and more have a shelf life, and consistent use causes holes and a lack of support over time. A brand new fresh duffel bag trumps any monetary gift you can give to a homeless traveler. Duffel bags are strong. They come with reinforced adjustable straps to accommodate various weight loads, making them reliable. In addition to reliability, most homeless people deal with the inconveniences of the rain.

The rain soaks your clothes, materials, and worst of all, your bags. Many backpacks and pouches do not come with the water-resistant features of a duffel bag. Gifting a high-quality, water-resistant, long-lasting duffel bag is the ideal gift to give to someone struggling through life’s hardships without a permanent residence.

Duffels Bags Come in Various Styles

The upside to gifting a homeless person a duffel bag is the convenience, packing capacity, and durability a duffel bag offers. The downside is the weight. Overpacking a duffel bag can lead to pains and travel restrictions if the contents become overbearing on one shoulder. If comfort and carrying ability are a concern, opt to purchase a duffel bag with wheels.

Wheels make traveling more accessible, making a difference in the length and time a homeless person may reach a certain distance. If you are indecisive about the ideal choice, think about it from their perspective. If you were lost, you would want things to be as convenient as possible for your situation. Wheels take the stress and strain out of lifting heavy objects placing less burden on your back.

Increased Security Compared to A Backpack

Unlike a backpack, duffel bags add a step up in security. Packs make theft more common since we don’t have eyes in the back of our eyes. All it takes is an overpacked area of people or an item hanging out of a pocket, and game over, the items are gone. Being homeless places more value on the things you have than the things you lack. What may not seem like much to a non-homeless person can mean the difference between life and death for a homeless individual.

Most duffel bags come with one opening compared to multiple pockets commonly found in a backpack. A single-pocket duffel bag makes grabbing items more straightforward and secure with it firmly at your side. A duffel bag gift for a homeless person adds more value to their life and shows sincerity for their situation.

Multi-Purpose Use

A homeless person may use a duffel bag for many things, including a place to lay their head. It may not feel as soft as a pillow, but for homeless travelers, it is better than a concrete floor. Homeless shelters fill up often, and if you’re not quick, the guarantee of a soft, warm bed is unlikely.

If a homeless person cannot find adequate shelter, their duffel bag serves the purpose of a pillow or item for them to hold onto as they rest. Imagine convenience and comfort in one. A gifted duffel bag can make a significant difference in someone’s life.


Many suitcases are rigid and bulky, making them unsuitable for maximizing space. Most duffel bags come equipped with elastic characteristics essential for people requiring freedom and flexibility to pack all their items with simplicity.

Their flexible nature makes it easy to squish into tight areas and throw their bag into the crowded overhead compartments. There are many advantages to gifting a homeless person a duffel bag that never crossed our minds. Find a duffel shop in your surrounding area to locate the best duffel bag to grant a person without a home.

Make An Impact In Someone’s Life With The Gift Of A Duffel Bag

A duffel bag may impact someone’s life more than you realize, making it an ideal gift for a homeless person. Life is hard enough without a home to call your own. Offer the surprise of convenience, comfort, and efficient travel with the thoughtful gesture of a duffel bag.

Duffel bags are a high-quality alternative to backpacks, offering easy travel and multi-purpose use. They come with features like waterproof capabilities, increased carrying capacity, and a more secure form of protection. If you know someone suffering from homelessness, do not hesitate another second. You can shop your local travel or backpacking store to find a top-tier duffel for someone in need. Give the gift of consideration today.

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