How To Plan A Successful Group Trip

Going away on vacation is always a welcome break, but it can be even more exciting if you’re getting your group of friends together for a little reunion trip. Life takes you in a lot of different directions, and this often means that you don’t end up seeing or talking to your friends as much as you would like. This is why getting the gang back together for a vacation, whether that’s a long weekend or a week away somewhere can be a great idea. However, trying to organize a trip with a group of people can be tricky, so here are some tips to help you plan this getaway successfully.

Find Out What Everyone’s Budget Is

Some members of the group might be able to afford more than others, and it’s important to determine the budget first before you start suggesting destinations or accommodation options. Otherwise, some people might get their heart set on an idea that someone else can’t afford, which will either result in that individual being unable to come or others being disappointed that their ideal destination is being taken off the table. It can be awkward to discuss money for some people, so rather than getting everyone to share their budget with the group, ask them privately to give you a figure that they are comfortable with and set the lowest amount as your maximum spend.

Friends During Group Trip

What Do People Want from the Break?

It’s also important to remember that people might want slightly different things from this getaway. For example, some might want the opportunity to spend their time relaxing by the pool, whereas others might want to take in the local culture or want to explore hiking trails, or take part in other activities like water sports and so on. While you can’t please everybody, try to pick a destination that does have a variety of things on offers, such as a coastal city or a resort in the mountains that organizes excursions. That way there will be something that everyone can enjoy during the trip.

How Are You Going to Get There?

If you all live in different parts of the country, then naturally you will all have to make separate travel arrangements. If you can all fly out from the same airport, however, you will need to make sure that you’re all booked on the same flight and consider carpooling to the airport. If you are taking your vehicle or another member of the group, then don’t forget to book a space in the secure parking lot at the airport so it will be safe until you get back. Let’s say you are traveling to Atlanta. You can do this by using websites like this one for airport parking, and other airports in the US. If you’re all planning to drive to your destination road trip style, then make sure you have checked out the best routes and factored in any stops you will need to take along the way, booking hotels if you’ll be traveling for more than a day.


You’ll also need to arrange accommodation for you all to stay in, and there are different options you can explore. For a more comfortable stay, consider hiring a private holiday home that is big enough for your group. If everyone chips in, this can be more cost-effective than hotels as well as being a little more pleasant to stay in. You can also look at booking rooms or suites at resort hotels if they are offering good deals, which might be better for shorter weekend breaks. The budget you’re working with will, of course, impact your options but it’s a good idea to look around and then present the group with some options that everyone can vote on.

Getting away with a group of friends or relatives can be a great experience and a chance to make some wonderful memories, but make sure the planning process doesn’t cause tensions by using these tips which can help to keep everyone happy.

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