How to React When a Guy’s Night Out Goes Bad

Having the opportunity to go out with a group of your guy friends might not happen as often as it did back when you were still in your 20s. After all, with life, all your responsibilities, and the world as it is today, being able to cut loose could be quite a treat indeed.

That is until things get out of hand and you’re forced to deal with a very difficult situation. Unfortunately, conflict does occur, even if you happen to be going out with a group of fellow chivalrous gentlemen. Here is a crash guide on what you should do to resolve the issue and ensure that your friends can enjoy another guy’s night out.

Be in a Position to Contact All Significant Others

Unless all of your friends are single, live alone, and are totally independent, there is going to be someone waiting for them at the end of the night. If anything were to happen, their significant other should be high up on the list of people to call. Bondsmen basically handle all bail issues.

Being able to calmly relay important information to significant others is not only critical for all of your friends, but it can also help with problem-solving. So, when you are all discussing the original plan, ensure that you have all of the right contact information.

Cut Back on the Alcohol

During the night, your guy friends and you might be imbibing and enjoying yourselves as you head from establishment to establishment. Of course, there should be a designated driver or at least a plan to take a cab or ridesharing service.

Even with your transportation all mapped out, there really should be at least one sober party in the mix. If everyone has been drinking merrily without a care in the world, it becomes time to cut back as soon as you notice strife. The fact of the matter is that cooler – and more sober – minds always prevail. After all, truly chivalrous and dapper men know how to moderate their alcohol usage.

Contact a Bail Bondman of Your Choosing

In some situations, it will be impossible to talk people down. You could encounter a hostile group or end up dealing with an overzealous security guard. If anyone is detained and the police become involved in an altercation, a bail bond agency should be contacted. Bondsmen basically handle all bail issues, enabling people to swiftly get out of jail. Remember, an arrest does not mean guilt.

A night out with your male friends might unexpectedly go haywire, but calling up a bail bonds company like E Parker Bail Bonds will quickly make things right again. The police station might have a preferred bail bond company that they deal with, or you could use your own resources. The point is to contact a bondsman who will show up fast.

Be the Voice of Reason  

Being in a position to tell your friends when they need to back down and knock it off can keep most conflicts to a minimum, especially when dealing with people you are familiar with.

The fact of the matter is that someone in your group has to be the mature one at all times.  Physical fights and verbal confrontations can and do happen at nightclubs, bars, and even restaurants on a fairly regular basis. Be the voice of reason and prevent your friends from escalating things.

You really don’t know what happens when you go out with friends that you may not have seen in a long time. People can be under undue stress and react to situations uncharacteristically. Other times, you can just have a string of bad luck and find yourself in hot water unexpectedly.

Have a good bond company on deck and warn your friends to be on good behavior prior to going out.

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