How to Recover from Your Sports Injury Faster with Cold Therapy

Injuries are indeed hurtful to everyone. However, no one feels the pressure and pain of an injury like sportspeople who rely on their bodies to perform at capacity daily. 

Depending on the injury itself, you might need to consult a personal injury attorney, but on top of that, you’re just in so much pain; what can you do? Whether it’s a seasoned gymnast, a professional footballer, or a marathoner, sports injuries are draining yet common occurrences for almost everyone who participates in intense physical operations.

Cold therapy finds more comprehensive applications in the sports industry as an immediate remedy in the reduction of swells and bleeding among players. Traditionally, cold therapy was adopted in sports as a method of alleviating pains. Recall that cold reduces the metabolic activity of your organisms.

Here is a thorough guide that will help you recover from sports injuries faster using cold therapy. Click here for more information about cold therapy.

Find Out the Value of Cold-Water Immersion with Polar Care Kodiak

Coldwater immersions (CWIs) will be a perfect thing for you if you are a sportsman experiencing the dead-leg effect following an intense exercise event.

Your coach is most likely to recommend a CWI as a way of masking your agony after the heavy overloads associated with preseason practices. In essence, a CWI will inhibit the satellite cells’ pain levels and activity in muscle fibers.

CWI makes a lot of sense when done immediately after experiencing an injury/ after intense exercise. The coach may recommend appliances such as Polar Care Kodiak for the best results.

An injured sportsman

A Topical Ice Treatment Can Be a Great Alternative

Topical ice treatments can greatly benefit you if you are struggling with post-training swells and pains because of its illusionary effect. In essence, applying blocks of ice at the injured, painful, and swollen region will decrease the affected areas’ tissue temperatures while triggering a range of physiological responses on the nerves if professionally done.

Similarly, the cooling effect reduces the nerves’ conduction speed and will alleviate intense pains and discomfort resulting from injuries after excessive sports.

A Contrast Shower will Work Miracles

A contrast shower is a classical approach to treating sports injuries with repeated alternating episodes of hot and cold showers. You may start with a hot shower then switch to a cold bath. You may either opt for a contrast bath or a contrast immersion.

Even though contrast showers have not shown any physiological gains, they’ll come in handy for a sportsman who needs a sense of psychological and physiological relief after sustaining an injury or following a period of intense exercise.

The effectiveness of the results you’ll get out of a contrast treatment will significantly depend on the techniques you will adopt. Generally, taking a cold bath/immersion followed by a heat bath/immersion is known to yield optimal results as it will produce the spa effects you will need after a moment of intense training, deep pains, and swells.

Just Before you Turn to the Ice Age

Health practitioners will tell you that cold isn’t something to play with when it comes to your body. In reality, anything involving colder temperatures could cause serious health risks if it’s not conducted in the right way.

This explains why you must do your due diligence and seek proper professional information before getting into a cold treatment. In particular, always establish the medical and scientific evidence behind the cold treatment method you’re adopting if you want to do it safely.

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