How To Take Perfect Selfies For Online Profiles

Perfect selfies for online profiles are possible, and you may need them for various reasons.

For example, you can professionally boost your online presence with a good selfie that helps you stand out. From the right lighting to natural-looking shots, here are some ideas.

Make Sure to Get the Background Right

The background is one of the most essential parts of a good profile selfie. It can make your shot appear much more professional when you get this right. But most of us don’t spend time taking pictures of ourselves in perfect condition.

So, what is the right way to do this? Neutral backgrounds work best, but you will probably be using shots from social activities. Background changer apps using AI can assist you with changing a selfie background in an instant.

Use Softer Rather than Hard Lighting

The lighting makes or breaks a good shot, and editing can only go so far. Spending time ensuring you get good light in the first instance greatly reduces the work to be done later on.

This is the essence of photography. For a selfie profile picture, you must turn off the flash and instead use external soft lighting to eliminate shadows and highlight your best features. If you are outside, the sun can help as well, as long as it is behind the camera and bright.

Selfies for Online Profiles Need a Natural Smile

guy taking selfie

Most aren’t lucky enough to have a great natural smile. A forced smile can be harrowing, and you must try to look as natural as possible in a profile selfie.

When you smile naturally, the orbits of your eye muscles also contract, and when you force a smile, this doesn’t happen. In this case, you look more like you want to kill Batman than you want the job. A good trick is to think of something you find funny and take pictures while you are amused or laughing. 

Try to Make It Look Like a Camera Shot

This is harder than it sounds, but it can be a great help to try to make it look like your image has been taken by a fixed camera rather than using the selfie method. If you are used to taking selfies, then this is a breeze.

But you can find yourself taking pictures too close, at weird angles, and with stray arms in the shots. It can be helpful to have someone else take the shot for you. But if this isn’t possible, play around with phone holders and camera timers on your phone.

Take Shots from Various Angles Before Deciding

Any professional photographer will tell you that it is impossible to get a great first shot. When you see great fashion pictures, there were probably thousands taken at the same shoot before the editors decided on one or two. The same principle applies when you are trying to get a good selfie shot.

Take many images and different angles, with various lighting and at different closenesses. You can then go through all of these images to find the best ones you love.


The background is vital when you want perfect selfies for online profiles. But it is also vital that you try to smile naturally and take many different shots so you can decide on the best ones.

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