Iconic Style Items Every Man Needs

We all have a friend or someone we know who just always seems to put their best forward when it comes to fashion. It seems effortless and easy, and it works out no matter what they wear. 

Often, it comes down to a very basic formula, and that formula involves some iconic wardrobe staples. 

White Dress Shirt

A high-quality white shirt is a must because it goes with almost anything. The white shirt has a long history, tracking back all the way to the Victorian era.

At the time, the white shirt was a symbol of wealth, and since white shirts are notoriously hard to wash when they were made of white cloth and stayed white – it meant you could afford to wash your clothes and that you had more than one. 

And although there is much conversation to be had around the white collar blue collar sayings, the white collar is no longer for the rich only. 

Fabric quality matters, and look for breathable too, tailors and fitted or as close to is the best option. Bonus points for moisture-wicking. 

White T-shirts

man wearing White T-shirt

The white T-shirt has staying power; like the white shirt, it is versatile. However, it lends itself to the type of laid-back cool that Marlon Brando enjoyed. In white shirt is making a big comeback thanks to the recent show The Bear. 

The iconic white shirt worn by Bear, Jeremy Allen, was a specific type. Made in an old-fashioned way, taking longer and making it more high quality than your average store. There are two T-shirts reported. One was the Merz B. Schwamanan 2-Thread Heavyweight T-shirt, and the other was the Whitesville. 

Keeping your whites white takes time and care: 13 Essential Laundry Tips for Keeping White Clothes White.


Smart, casual, and offer a pop of color. Tucked or untucked, jeans or chinos, work, play – you name it, polo shirts are ideal. The bonus of the polo shirt is that it looks a little more professional than a regular, unfitted t-shirt.  The polo has a long history for those who play sports and is strongly associated with Lewis Lacey, who played polo and was seldom without a polo collar.

And one that you might be more familiar with is Rene Lacoste and the crocodile, often found on the tennis court. 

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots for men

Not every day is a day for trainers as comfortable and as stylish as they can be – sometimes, it is the right time for a boot. And the best of the best is the Chelsea boot. It works with tailored trousers and jeans, and the boot is now back on the runway paired with short shorts. 

You can choose the formal black leather with a thicker, more solid sole. Or a laid-back brown suede (tan). 


Sunny out? Sunglasses. Long night working? Sunglasses. Need to look cool and not put in too much effort? Sunglasses. 

The classic is the Wayfarers or Aviators – they suit any face shape and come in various shades. Not to mention that there are some to all budgets.

While it might be tempting to only be in a couple of budget pairs, having a high-quality pair is always a good idea. A classic, low-key, quiet luxury pair will last for years, always be in fashion, and, more importantly, provide the protection that you need with sunglasses. 

Remember that if you find frames you like, you can often have them fitted with your prescription lenses, and many high-end designers offer prescription-ready lenses. 

With the rise of athleisure clothing in the last few years, many people have become more comfortable with relaxed clothing.

Technical Trousers

The technical trousers sit neatly between the cargo pants, jobbers, and utility pants. Depending on the material, they can look more tailored, too.

Often, the technical trousers are made of a breathable fabric, but typically a polyester or a nylon mix. However, you can find them in a cotton blend, which might be your preference. 

White Sneakers 

White trainers are work-friendly, pub-friendly, going for a coffee or running errands friendly. A white leather tennis shoe is a great option; they are clean, minimalist, and hold their shape well. It is a good idea to use a protective spray to stop dirt and scuffs from becoming a feature. 

The best thing about these is just like the white T-shirt, they go with everything. You can call an outfit complete without the accessories: What Are the Characteristics of Premium Men’s Travel Bags

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