The Importance Of Color Psychology To Redecorate Your Home

The choices we make when decorating our homes are linked to our personalities. You might be surprised how much the interior design of your home influences your mood and happiness. It may even make it easier or harder for you to get out of bed in the morning, so choose wisely. We do not need to over-crowd the spaces to make them our own, colours will do this for us.

How does our home decor affect our emotions?

In the same way that our personalities differ, so do our interior design choices. The way in which we design our home can have a direct effect on our emotions. While some may feel more relaxed around minimalistic designs and neutral colours that don’t stand out, someone else might experience the same environment very differently and prefer bright, eye-catching colour combinations. What makes us feel stressed and what makes us feel happy can be quite different.

The psychology of interior design

No matter which style you prefer, try choosing each object carefully and with intent. Here are a few things that could help you make the right choice.

  • Interiors are preferred by each star sign.

Hammonds Furniture joined astrologer Bex Milford to better understand the connection between the individual star signs and their decor choices: A Cancer, for example, is famously nostalgic and is likely to have a lot of antiques and photographs everywhere so may opt for a shabby-chic interior’, Milford explains and adds that ‘a confident Leo isn’t afraid to make a statement with gold detailing and crushed velvet and so should aim for Hollywood glam. Similarly to Leos, Aries prefer statement walls and bold, modern designs while Pisces enjoy cosmopolitan interior design trends.

Here is a brief overview of some of the choices you may make based on your star sign, according to Bex Milford and Hammonds Furniture:

Aquarius – Creative, beach house, combinations of modern and traditional styles

Pisces – Marble, white, bright interiors, clean, breezy

Aries – Modern, bold, statement wall

Taurus – Traditional, cottage-style, floral with a hint of luxury

Gemini – Bright colours, such as yellow, eclectic, contemporary

Cancer – Shabby chic, antiques, nostalgic

Leo – Glamorous, wallpaper, velvet fabrics

Virgo – Minimalistic, clean, chic, neutral colours

Libra – Romantic, luxurious, gold, candles, flowers

Scorpio – Bold, red, accents with darker colours, clean

Sagittarius – Colourful, bright, bold mix of styles, patterns and materials

Capricorn – Natural materials, earthy greens, browns, greys

  • Colour psychology

color palette

Colour influences our mood, which is why it’s so important to choose the right colours for our home. Different colours have different meanings. For example, orange may signify happiness, yellow may symbolize sunshine and blue tranquillity and depth. See the infographic below for more on colour theory:

As you can see, how you choose to design your flat or house can have a huge impact on your mood and happiness. Next time you are redecorating, consider which colours and styles may be the perfect fit for you!

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