Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost – Estimated Cost To Fix A Wet Basement

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The cost of waterproofing a basement is dependent on several variables, which must be considered while determining the price. Increasing the source of the water in the basement, basement waterproofing services are a required top priority. Damp basements are commonly caused by condensation, leaky wall cracks, seepage at the junction where the floor and walls meet, and seepage up via basement floor fissures. Aquatech waterproofing provides you best basement waterproofing services at the estimated cost.

The following easy preventative measures should be taken as your first step in resolving your wet basement problem. Many leaking basements can be dried up with these simple techniques, saving you money and time in the long run.


Condensation occurs when water droplets in humid air come into touch with cold surfaces, resulting in vapor to water. When it comes to concrete surfaces, such as your walls and floor, condensation tends to accumulate. An inexpensive solution to this sort of basement problem is simply installing a box fan in your basement to assist in circulating the air, which stops the vapor from condensing and turning into liquid in the first place.

You can also consider installing a dehumidifier in the basement to capture any moisture present in the air. You can keep the relative humidity level at or below 50% for the best results in most basements. The total basement waterproofing cost is $264.A box fan costs $29, while a dehumidifier costs $235.


Leaky wall cracks are most frequently observed in poured wall foundations, which is not surprising. In vertical wall cracks, sealing the crack and allowing it to dry enabling the damage to be fixed. This sealing will effectively close off the fissure, preventing water from coming through the wall opening.

The total cost ranges from $45 to $205. $30.00 for foundation repair (CRACK) + $15 for essential equipment such as a putty knife, wire brush, and caulking gun (optional).

Whereas waterproofing costs per square foot around $1-$2.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing


The intersection of the floor and the walls are referred to as the “cold” or “cove” joint. 90% of all cases are attributed to wet basements. Whenever there is an increase in hydrostatic pressure surrounding your home’s foundation, outside water will be forced into the basement through the open cold joint.

Waterproofing paints or hydraulic cement are often the first line of defense for many do-it-yourself homeowners who are dealing with seepage problems in their basements. Even though these procedures are inexpensive and provide “quick fixes” for a leaking basement, they are not long-term solutions and can worsen the situation since water will accumulate higher in the walls and can discover new ways into the basement.

Waterproofing paints are generally priced at approximately $50 per gallon and need a significant amount of prep work before applying. Hydraulic cement is very inexpensive (about $10 for a 10 lb. pail), making them a tempting option for homeowners seeking a quick fix.

Permanent solutions to a damp basement

Exterior waterproofing is the most expensive choice and the most expensive basement waterproofing expense. This work involves a significant amount of effort and stress on your house, and it has several disadvantages when remodeling an existing home. The exterior basement waterproofing cost is around $100 per linear ft.

Encompassing the outside face of foundation walls with a waterproof membrane is achieved via either spraying or brushing it on. This work can be used as a preventative step to keep moisture out of the basement in the future, and b-dry basement waterproofing cost is around $2000-$5000 on average.

Exterior waterproofing is not a suitable solution for an existing house since it would include excavating around your home to expose the structure’s foundation walls. The most significant disadvantage of choosing this option for an existing home is the expensive cost, as well as the potential damage and disturbance it might bring to your property. Exterior waterproofing membranes and drain tiles are only as effective as the materials used in their making. The exterior foundation waterproofing cost is around $3000-$15000.

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