Lebron James Looking To Get Into First In NBA All-Time Scoring

Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has always been chasing history throughout his NBA Career. Throughout the month of February, it is quite possible that he could surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 points in NBA History. James is currently at 38,299 total points.

He is less than 100 total points away from breaking the record. Lebron James only needs a few games to break it. The NBA odds today for the Los Angeles Lakers to make the NBA playoffs this season, however, are not very good. When can Lebron James potentially break it, and what else does it mean?

Upcoming Schedule

Their next game will be on February 2nd against the Indiana Pacers on the road so Lebron James is going to inch closer there to the record, but it won’t be broken on that day. It is also a very long shot. It was broken on the February 4th game against the New Orleans Pelicans on the road. It also will most likely not be broken against the Oklahoma City Thunder at home on February 7th.

The potential striking distance games it will be broken in is either February 9th vs the Milwaukee Bucks or February 11th at the Golden State Warriors. Both of those basketball games will be on national television and in primetime. A lot of NBA fans will be able to watch history potentially then unless Lebron James gets hurt.

Maybe also James gets to rest during one of those games, but he hasn’t really rested much this season. The upcoming schedule is going to matter in this history chase because some teams are better on defense than others.

How Many More Years?

Once the record is broken, the question will be how much longer will; Lebron James play in the NBA and how many points he is going to wind up with once his career is over. Is it possible he winds up with over 40000 career points when it is all said and done? Who knows, his record is going to be very hard to beat, depending on how long he plays.

Lebron James is going to be one of the greatest players of all time and will be a first-ballot hall of famer when he retires. Will Kevin Durant be able to play long enough to catch him? Durant is already Top 15 in NBA history in scoring. Durant is the next one that can maybe catch Lebron James, but the odds are it may not happen because Kevin Durant is injury prone.

If James plays for the next four to five seasons, it is possible that the record may not be broken. When you think of Lebron, you don’t think of his scoring first; you think of his basketball IQ and play-making ability.

Does He Go For the Assists Record?

Lebron James is currently 4th all-time on the NBA assists record at 10,338. The 1st place list belongs to John Stockton at the current moment at 15,806 yards at the current moment for assists. Lebron will need at least four-to-five seasons to break that record because that is also a very hard record to break.

Chris Paul is 3rd all-time on that list, and he is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns. Paul is at 11,246 career assists and Jason Kidd, who is currently the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks is second all-time in NBA career assists at 12,091 assists. Trying to reach third or second place is possible for Lebron James, but the first place feels like a total long shot.

He will also try to get the assists record but that probably is one of the last things on his mind at this current moment in his NBA career. Lebron James being in the Top 5 in assists all-time in the NBA is an accomplishment in itself. He always makes other teammates around him better and that is one of the things that he has done throughout his NBA career.

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