Rules To Follow For Creating A Quality Logo

If you are planning to start a business, you need to make your brand recognizable. Design in general and a logo, in particular, can help you achieve this purpose.

Today, there are many online services for creating logos — for example, logo maker on VistaCreate. We will tell you about the rules for creating an effective and memorable logo to make your business even more successful.

Keep it simple

By including too many details in your logo, you risk being misunderstood by your audience. Remember that the company will have to downsize the logo to place it on keychains or letterheads. In this case, a template overloaded with elements will turn into a spot with strange marks.

The logo should match the theme of your brand

What associations come to your mind when you think of an oceanarium? Most likely it is blue color, a dolphin, a whale, and similar concepts.

If you put a monkey or a zebra on the oceanarium logo, it will cause nothing but confusion. Remember that all elements of your logo should match the theme of your brand and reflect its scope, goals, and values.

logo design

Color is crucial

When selecting a color palette, you should keep in mind the brand image and its basic characteristics. For example, bright and bold colors are effective in attracting attention, but they can seem harsh. In turn, muted shades create a complex and interesting image, but can go unnoticed. Each color has certain connotations.

By painting the logo in “random” colors, you run the risk of creating the wrong impression of the brand. Therefore, study the psychology of colors in more detail.

The font is very important

Finding the right font with the optimal size is not as easy as it sounds. If your logo has text, get ready to try hundreds of fonts to find the best one. Experiment with serif and sans serif fonts, as well as handwritten, italic, and bold fonts. Don’t forget about custom fonts. There are three important things to keep in mind when choosing a font for your logo:

  • avoid fonts like Comic Sans, otherwise, your logo will look unprofessional, and your audience won’t be able to take it seriously;
  • make sure your font (especially a handwritten one) stays readable even when scaled down;
  • limit yourself to one font, two at most.

Consider using a custom font. An original font will help your brand stand out from other companies. Good examples are logos of giants like Yahoo!, Twitter, and Coca-Cola.

Don’t be afraid to experiments

Just because all the banks in your area use gold on their logos doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You don’t have to copy the best logos in your industry.

If other pastry shops’ logos often feature images of a rolling pin, you don’t have to follow the trend blindly. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go your own way.

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