Milk And Mocha Bear Are The New Trending Characters That We All Love

With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Milk and Mocha Bear are the most loved bears. The bears started as Line static stickers and were later made available into animated stickers as well. The bear couple is being discovered by more and more people through Giphy, Tenor, and other social network sites as well.

Who are Milk and Mocha?

Milk and Mocha are two cute bears with a huge fan following all over the internet. Their stickers have made it into all the social chat apps all over the world. People can’t get over their cuteness. The animations of these bears are made with photoshop and each animation portrays a real-life scenario that a couple faces in their daily life. Milk is more of a vibe like girl and Mocha is a much more calm bear. Milk likes to have fun with Mocha by disturbing him by doing cute things.

Milk and Mocha Bear Genders

According to the creators “It’s up to you, Their comics are personality based so it’s weird to say one personality belongs to one gender only.

The Story Behind Milk And Mocha Bear

The characters Milk and Mocha were created by Melani Sie in 2016. They and Centilia creator Gigih Hartanto formed Klova Studios in 2018. They partnered with the licensing and merchandising team Inez and Disa in 2019 to sell their merchandise.

The group started their own company named PT Semanggi Kreasi Indonesia, as a home for Klova Studios. The creators wanted Milk and Mocha to have different personalities.

“For Example, When a boy is eating something in front of his girlfriend, his girlfriend will look at him with a very cute face.”

People Response to Milk and Mocha

People love these bears so much. They are definitely the cutest! Couples are communicating with their gifs all the time. Totally relatable and super cute! On their official Instagram page milkmochabear a single photo post gets more than 150K+Likes. The characters have become valentine’s day favorites of couples. The bears are loved by users in the United States and India with a very huge following. A weekly comic strip is published on Instagram every week for people to enjoy and to have a load of cuteness.

Inspiration to other characters

The characters Milk and Mocha have given inspiration to other various characters such as “Peach and Goma” and “Bubu and Dudu” which are especially very famous in India.

Milk and Mocha Stickers

There are various stickers available for these bears. We have linked to the popular sites to get Milk and Mocha stickers below.

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