Most Fashionable Glasses Styles For Men

If you are a man looking for an accessory that will not only add to but enhance your style, don’t look further than a pair of glasses.

Whether you use them as spectacles or just a fashionable companion, they are able to make you appear smarter and sophisticated.

However, like every other fashion trend, different frames go in and out of trends every year. It becomes challenging to find styles that are relevant and up to your taste. But, this is what we are here for. We will tell you about the latest hits in the eyewear market and what styles you need to elevate your look this year. But before we move forward, we have one thing to discuss with you all.

What to keep in mind when buying glasses?

While you want to go for styles that are latest and relevant, there’s one more thing that will need attention down the road – which eyeglass styles look good on your face shape.

Just as we like to dress around our body shape, we want glasses that suit our face shape perfectly. As a general rule of thumb, people with round profiles look better in angular-shaped specs. In your case, rectangular or square silhouettes are the best.

People who already have strong angular features should try and tone them down a little bit by wearing curvy silhouettes in round or circular styles.

If you don’t need a prescription, you must consider wearing blue light blocking glasses. It will only protect you from the harm that the digital screens present to your eyes.

man with glasses

Best men’s eyeglass styles

If you think that men’s glasses are limited to aviators or rectangular styles, you need to know about these latest and most popular silhouettes in men’s glasses.

Round specs

This year is all about the return of timeless fashion. The 80s is back and so are round glasses. The famous John Lennon’s style glasses are making it big this year and it’s all because of their sophisticated appeal.

You can wear these glasses with your smart casuals. They will make you appear intelligent and the simple silhouette works well with different frame materials. For a touch of nostalgia, get these glasses with a metal frame. You can easily find these retro-inspired glasses at affordable rates.


Yes, we have said that men’s glasses are more than just aviators, but aviator style in eyeglasses is the hottest thing that has happened. Now you can get the same level of confidence boost from your eyeglasses as well. Get these glasses in thin titanium frames to make your aviators look like an absolute luxury.

Transparent frames

If you are also a fan of subtle designs, this trend is up to your taste. These frames are actually transparent or see-through. With their barely-there design and minimalist profile, you can bet these glasses won’t overpower your style. On the contrary, they will just an elegant and playful touch to your look.

If you didn’t have an eye exam in over 2 years, we will suggest that you get an eye exam first. It’s good to buy glasses with your latest prescription so they are usable for a long time.

Geometric glasses

Perfectly suiting your cheeky personality, this quirky style with interesting designs should be on your list. They will help you get a unique look for yourself. Also, this style is an even better choice if you have a round face. The many angles of these glasses will balance your facial symmetry.

Wooden glasses

Wooden glasses are practical, more lightweight, and comfortable than any other frame material out there. They don’t lose luster from everyday wear and tear. Also, they don’t lead to skin allergies and are the most natural thing that you can have with you. Since these frames are directly crafted from wood, all of the pairs will be different in design.

You may not be able to find these glasses at your local eyewear store. You can visit online stores over the internet as they have a wide variety of these frames. And who knows, you may find the best pair of glasses online.

Thick black glasses

Hipster frames are back in style and everybody seems to love this trend. These glasses are quick to attract attention and leave everyone in awe of your style. When you get these frames in a basic black color with no unique designs or unusual patterns, you get the perfect professional frame that will go with every piece of your business wardrobe.

Browline glasses

As we have said that retro fashion is back, browline glasses had to be relevant again. They are perfect when you are not able to decide whether you want a professional frame or a casual accessory. These glasses have the best of both worlds

You can buy all of these styles as they are available at cheap rates at online stores. But, make sure to check the services and get a free home trial of these frames before you buy them from a  retailer.

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