Seven Smoking Accessories To Improve The Overall Experience

Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your Health

When it comes to smoking herbs, everyone has their own routine. However, your routine might affect your smoking experience without even noticing. Fortunately, plenty of accessories are available to refresh your routine.

Let us take you through a guide of the top seven smoking accessories from My Bong Shop that will undoubtedly show you new ways to enjoy your bong and the smoking experience.

Top 7 Smoking Accessories

Metal Smoking Pipe

Metal pipes, including aluminum, brass, and steel, come in various shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. Metal pipes are a great addition to your smoking routine because they are highly durable, easy to carry around, and offer a great smoking experience for those that don’t want to use a bong all the time. These types of pipes are mainly used for personal smoking because the metal heats up quickly compared to other materials.

Glass Pipe

Glass pipes are another popular smoking tool crafted similarly to metal pipes. However, unlike metal pipes, glass pipes don’t affect or change the flavor of the smoke.

Glass doesn’t heat up as quickly, so this type of pipe is best for smoking dry herbs and tobacco. For those who love the experience of smoking a bong – a glass pipe is a compact version with only the essential components, such as the stem and bowl.

Jet Lighters

Jet lighters, also known as torches, are a great alternative to the classic smoking lighter. Overall, the jet lighter is easy to use, portable and lightweight. Plus, you can avoid burning your thumb with the fire much further away from your hand and a powerful flame for more accurate lighting capabilities.

Electronic Lighters

Electronic Lighters

If you enjoy smoking outdoors or frequently lose your pocket lighters, the electronic lighter is for you. These flameless lighters might seem like a hassle, but they’re easy to use, carry around and guarantee a flame every time. Plus, they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, so you always have a smoke with you wherever you go.

Rolling Tray

If you like to alternate between smoking bongs, pipes, and papers, then you might want to invest in a rolling tray. A rolling tray can help you roll papers with your favorite smoking herbs.

It’s flat and designed to make rolling quick and easy. They usually come in various shapes and sizes and help minimize spillage.


If you’re a social smoker or want to make your herb last longer – a scale is a great accessory to add to your collection. With options like a pocket scale or a professional scale, you can rest assured that your measurements are reliable and accurate — even on the go. Some scales measure as low as 0.0001-gram increments and weigh all major metric units.


Sometimes, the best way to improve your smoking experience is by replacing old parts with new ones.

A great place to start is your downstream, also known as a stem. If this doesn’t get regular maintenance, it could affect the smoking experience. When choosing a new downstream, look for the circumference and length of the stem. If it doesn’t properly seal when inserted into the bong, the bong won’t work.

Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your Health

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