Teeth Guard: 5 Ways It Can Help You Prevent A Cracked Smile

When you need to wear a guard, you will need to realize that this is required because of teeth grinding and clenching. Wearing a nightguard will reduce the damage and help with other medical issues that can occur as well. When you leave these conditions untreated, you will have negative health consequences. This is why a guard is essential. A guard can offer vital help that becomes crucial in keeping your teeth and jaw, so they don’t get damaged any more than they have been already.

Night Guards Are Customized

Nightguards are customized because they offer a layer of protection to ensure that your teeth are safe from each other. Remember never to wear a sports guard in place of a nightguard. It can be fatal, and if it isn’t, it will change the alignment of your teeth. Get a customized fit from the dentist, and you have a healthy alignment and avoid chipping teeth and damaging your gums. In addition to this, they can help you avoid jaw aches and headaches that occur. When you experience these issues, they will be extremely painful. Companies like Teeth Night Guard Lab help you prevent health issues caused by teeth grinding.

No More Grinding With A Teeth Guard

A teeth guard will help with teeth grinding and clenching. You will keep your teeth separated so they can’t touch to create friction. A custom guard won’t impede your sleep and will be made to withstand biting if you try to break it. That is an important note as grinding breaks your teeth at odd angles. As a result, your teeth will cut into your mouth and gums, causing pain. Clenching causes your jaw to begin to lock, which has damaging effects, and you will need to ensure that you have been protected against these issues and ensure that you are in the best of health.

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Plaque Isn’t As Strong

Plaque occurs when your mouth has an excess of bacteria. A customized mouthguard with a set of tiny holes (not big enough for the teeth to poke through) will allow saliva to go through and prevent plaque buildup. That helps teeth remain strong and avoid cracking. Plaque may take a bit to take hold of those teeth, but you will notice that the process happens relatively quickly once it does. As a result, one tooth crack could lead to two and so on. To save your teeth and your smile, be sure to talk to your dentist about a guard that offers saliva holes.

Rotting Teeth Rot Faster

When you grind your teeth unconsciously, you chip and damage the teeth, and as such, you cause germs and bacteria to get inside your mouth. When this occurs, you need to be careful to avoid sepsis. As your teeth absorb that bacteria and begin to chip and crack, they will rot. As this occurs, your teeth get more damaged, and your smile suffers as a result.

Lockjaw Can Crack Teeth

When your jaw locks due to the clenching or the result of TMJ, you won’t help the motion. It will happen at random times and can cause you to need an emergency room. However, wearing a teeth guard will slow this process down by relieving the tension that causes the jaw to lock. When your jaw is locked, you can shatter teeth depending on the severity of the lock. As such, you need to wear a teeth guard to protect your muscles from spasms. If you don’t, you can damage your teeth and your articular disk. When the articular disk gets damaged, this can lead to surgery.

Teeth Guards Are Vital

If you want to protect your teeth and smile, you will find that a guard protects your mouth from having cracked and rotting teeth, torn gums, and bleeding, and you will be fighting against dangerous plaque that damages more than just your teeth. You want to have the absolute best smile possible without worrying about issues that will keep you from it. Using the tips above and seeing the benefits of a guard, go to your dentist and get the best option for your mouth, so you no longer suffer. Your mouth and smile will thank you in the long run.

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