The Evolution Of Fashion

Fashion has been evolving for a long time. Fashion isn’t a word that has emerged in a day or two. Basically, fashion is thought of as a thing that has come up in the past few years. So why the Evolution Of Fashion?

The reason for the misconception i.e fashion is what new styles, ways of walks and talks, clothing, outfit, and footwear, etc. have dawned in the decade. Digitalization and modernization aren’t fashioned but these are the factors that spread the idea of fashion like a forest fire in each individual’s mind. At the time of our grandmothers and great grannies, fashion was as simple a thing as today.

We can commonly see the idea of fashion in today’s movies depicting the old days where polka dresses and printed shirts with bell-bottom pants were FASHION. The only difference between then and now’s fashion spreading pace was the lack of social sites, media, and probably capitalism was also one of those factors. Nevertheless, just like the evolution of the earth, its animals, and keypad cell to Android mobiles, FASHION has also a vast history of evolution.

In today’s era where common fashion all over the world can be followed, then, lack of mass communication, media, and maximum socializing made it almost impossible to spread a fashion from one region to another.
Commonly seen in movies(depicting the olden days) foreign migrants wore coat suits, skirts, and other dresses while a few countries’ people wore native dresses. When countries found out a new way of style they followed it whereas the other nations either lagged or they were way too far in the sense of outfits.

Digitalization is what is the mother of the child commonly known as modern Fashion. That is the outfit that is mutually and collectively progressing and is cooperatively followed.

Summing up, we can address that Fashion is not a part of history which has evolved with other things but is itself an entity which had a history, has a present and future is no far.

How famous personalities influence us with their outfits?

The answer is as simple that nowadays, people use social media a lot.

Many influencers post their outfits on social media like Instagram and mostly use hashtags (#fashion, #ootd, #outfit, etc ).

Some use ads on other social media like Facebook. There are many brands in the market who reveals the fact about comfortability like Nike, Adidas, etc. After seeing adverts and social media people usually check the review and price. Many people rely on influencers which personally helps them a lot.


In just fifty years, fashion went through a phenomenon change. People used to wear oversized clothes as compared to the present people who love to wear fitted clothes. Many people maintained their originality and a more ethical approach to fashion. As in the past, no brand wants hashtags but now the technology is increasing day by day the usage of hashtags becomes a necessity to post.

Summing up, fashion is truly universal. We can address that Fashion is not a part of history that has evolved with other things but is itself an entity which had a history, has a present and future is no far.

New Designers New Trends

New designers around the world have made styles that don’t last more than a decade. But as we are observing in our current century new fashion all about taking clues from old fashion. Fashion trends are returning. What clothes we wear now resemble the clothes that we used to wear a decade ago. Dressed are intentionally made to look like they are from the last decade.

With Time Trends Have changed

In the current time of the century, designer clothing/dresses are in style. Women mostly buy designer clothing. Every time women dress they want to wear a designer dress. But what we have observed is that the designer clothing that they wish to wear is not from big designers but from small designers as well. In today’s world, women don’t care that the dress they are wearing is from a reputed designer. Women want to follow the latest trends that are being followed all around the world.

Clothing According to Your Look And Style

Everyone wants to have their own style. They want to look their best. Women, in particular, have been into fashion much more than men have. Women care more about their looks than men do. This has been a trend for more than a decade or so. Women from every century have had the desire to look their best every single day. Till this century this has not changed nor this will change in the upcoming century.

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