5 Things To Know Before Getting A Piercing

If you’re looking to get a piercing, there are a couple of points to consider beforehand. This article looks at what they are, like remembering to eat beforehand, working with a piercer that sterilizes properly and being ready for pain. Keep reading for more information.

1. Eat Something

Remember to eat something before getting your piercing. Your blood sugar won’t be low, especially if you’ve eaten a more starchy or sugary food. This will help in case you tend to faint.

Even if you’re not prone to fainting, getting a piercing can make you feel dizzy. So, having something to eat beforehand is smart.

2. Equipment Sterilization

Make sure that the artist you’re interested in always wears gloves and sterilizes his equipment well. Go the extra mile and ask him how he sterilizes his equipment, and which exact chemicals he uses.

Of course, check reviews. You’ll see what former customers have to say about how clean the artist is. If you see very negative stuff, be smart and find someone else to work with.

3. Positive Reviews

Piercing guy

Speaking of reviews, don’t just check for how clean the artist you’re interested in is. Look for other things, like how easy he is to work with, and more importantly, whether the quality of his work is good.

If you know anyone who has personally gotten work from him, speak to them. You would have a better idea of what you can expect.

You can also check what users have said on forums about the parlors and tattoo shops near you. You might learn something about the parlor that you didn’t know about.

Working with well-known names is always smart. For example, Black Line nose piercing services are an excellent choice.

4. Expect Pain

As you can imagine, getting a piercing will hurt. But depending on the type of person you are, how much pain you would feel would differ. Also, the location where you get pierced will affect what you feel. Here’s a pro tip – getting ready for the pain, and mentally preparing for it can help.

While on the topic, you might feel discomfort for several days/weeks afterward. A lot of the time, there can be itchiness as well.

5. Prepare for Aftercare

Once you’ve got a piercing, be prepared to spend weeks taking care of it. Don’t worry, your piercer will tell you all the things to do, and avoid doing.

Whatever you do, don’t go swimming. You risk getting an infection, otherwise. But if you’re adamant about wanting to swim anyway, wrap the area around your piercing in waterproof wound-sealant bandages.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that we discussed, there are many points to keep in mind when choosing to get a piercing.

Finding a piercing artist that is experienced and knows what they are doing is one of the most important points. Of course, be prepared for discomfort, and have to carefully take care of the work that you have got done. You can also find body jewelry at boelry.

Hopefully, you found these points useful.

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