Building A Loungewear Wardrobe For Men

Loungewear is for everyone, men or women. It’s a must-have when summer starts slipping away, the air gets cooler, and we’re more inclined to work from home when the days get shorter.

If you want to look sharp as the seasons change, sprucing up your loungewear wardrobe is a must. Yes, you can wear a shirt daily and not wear your hoodie. But as the sun goes down faster, you want to reach out to your warmest and most luxurious loungewear to make you feel good and look good when you have to turn on your video for a conference call.

So how do you build a loungewear wardrobe? Here’s some help to get started.

Go with a natural color scheme.

You want to start with neutrals. Neutrals make it easy to blend with the other clothes you already own. Building a loungewear wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to throw out what you have existing and spend so much to add in new things.

It’s about picking white, black, grey, and blue colors. You want to invest smartly here and stay moderate with bright and bold colors. You want to keep wearing your loungewear for years to come, so pick your colors with caution.

Go for the right fit.

Just because it’s loungewear doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to fit correctly. It might tempt you to wear the baggiest, most oversized clothing because it looks the coziest. But you’re not going for sleepwear.

You’re going for loungewear that you can wear throughout the day and even leave the house getting errands done. Go for a slim silhouette on your tops and bottoms, such as tapered joggers, slim t-shirts, and slim-fit sweatshirts.

man wearing pyjama

Choose the right fabric.

Fabric is important. Apart from going with sweatshirt material, you want to pick the proper fabric that offers comfort and feels good on your skin. Fabrics such as organic cotton, jersey, cashmere, and elastane are ideal for loungewear. Sometimes, the right material will elevate the look, such as silk.

Pair your items wisely.

Hoodies are tremendously comfortable, but hoodies every day will look dull and dated. But while hoodies spell comfort and loungewear, there are better choices than pairing them with joggers. You want to make good choices with your loungewear pairings, such as pairing a hoodie with a pair of khakis or joggers with a nice shirt.

A long-sleeved polo shirt also looks smart with tapered joggers, as does a loose pair of your favorite jeans with a slim-fit hoodie. It offers you just the right balance of casual and lounge, as well as comfort and practicality.

Now that we have some of the basics covered loungewear, here’s what to buy:


It’s not to wear them the whole day, but a good robe does help when you’re getting in and out of the shower. Why are we adding robes to the list?

It is simply because most men don’t consider a robe an essential item of clothing, nor is it a necessary item for loungewear. A good one keeps you warm while coming in and out of the shower and gives you a cover-up in the morning. If you are planning to invest in loungewear, adding robes to the list is a good idea.

Sweatshirts and jogger pants

Your sweatshirts don’t have to be polo sweatshirts. When creating your loungewear wardrobe, add some variety to your sweatshirts. Add some open zipper ones, some with patterns, different textures, and different fabrics, which helps to add some flavor to your loungewear wardrobe. Pairing with white sneakers and a bomber jacket elevates the entire look immediately.

Drawstring pants

Yup, this is on the list. Drawstring pants are comfortable, practical, and loungewear appropriate. You’ll also find various classy and intelligent options starting at budget prices to extremely expensive versions, so depending on your budget, you have many choices.

Drawstring pants can be used for both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. The only thing you need to consider is the thickness of the fabric. For colder seasons, go with thicker fabric and thinner material for warmer seasons.


If you think basketball shorts are the only type of shorts available for men, you’re wrong. You can up the ante in your loungewear by wearing trim-fit shorts.

By doing this, your combo of well-tailored shorts and sweatshirts can quickly turn any hoodie or oversized sweatshirt into a combo of bright and class. Slim-fitting shorts or tailored shorts are better than basketball shorts. Ideally, your shorts should hit about 1 to 3 inches above the knee.


T-shirts are an ideal stable for any wardrobe. Well-fitting T-shirts are even great under tailored suits for the optimal smart casual look. Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting shirt because it’ll go with anything. However, keep the tattered, random-saying T-shirts for a night at home lounging on your couch.

Instead, wear your comfortable, well-fitting shirts for your day loungewear and for wearing out in public. Increase the class factor by pairing your shirts with joggers or drawstring pants. You can add a bomber jacket to keep yourself warm when things get chilly.

Slippers and socks

By all means, go ahead and walk barefooted in your home if that’s what you like. However, if you want to add some style to your feet, adding slippers can improve the working-from-home experience. There’s nothing like slipping into super soft, comfortable, fluffy slippers to keep your feet warm, especially when the weather gets cold. A simple pair of black slippers do the trick, and you can wear them daily at home.

For socks, you’ll also find loungewear socks sold in stores today. If you prefer wearing socks rather than slippers, this would be an excellent choice to keep your feet warm during winter. You already have socks for your boots, shoes, and even for the gym, so why not have some socks for your home too? For socks, there are no rules- you can go crazy fun to help keep things interesting with your wardrobe.

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