5 Tips For Maintaining Facial Hair & Keeping It Healthy

For some men, growing their facial hair is a form of self-expression, while for others, it’s part of their fashion style. However, growing your facial hair also equates to a big commitment. Most men may claim that grooming and maintaining your facial hair, or otherwise known as a beard, has never been easy. It’s because it’s not only about growing your beard; it’s way beyond that. It takes patience, consistency, and proper care to ensure your facial hair looks good. Remember, beards cannot take care of themselves.

If you’re not paying enough attention and effort in maintaining your facial hair, soon enough, you’d look like a man living in a jungle for years. Don’t get this wrong, as being able to grow your facial hair is already a good reason to feel lucky in the first place. Not all men get the privilege of growing their own facial hair, so if you can, be grateful for it by knowing how to take care of your beard.

Fortunately, taking care of your facial hair doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you know the essential tips in maintaining your beard, you’ll be on the right track. As your guide, here are five tips for properly maintaining your facial hair.

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  1. Wash Your Beard Regularly

Treat your beard the same way you carefully and properly maintain the hair on your head. Every day, you encounter dust and dirt outdoors, which may stick on your facial hair. Plus, you also eat plenty of foods that could potentially get stuck on some area of your beard. Thus, it’s vital that you wash your facial hair at least three times a week. You can use a men’s beard wash to keep it clean, smell great, and free from sweat or excess oil build-up.

Perhaps you’re already washing your beard, but why isn’t it as glamorous as the ones you see on social media and TV? You’re probably using the wrong product. Some men tend to wash their beards with the same soap they used to wash their armpit, which is clearly a bad idea. Instead of body soap, use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent your facial hair from becoming dull and brittle.

Moreover, avoid using hair products that consist of strong or toxic chemicals that could possibly harm your hair and skin. Well, who would want to put harmful chemicals anywhere near their mouths, right? You can check out some facial hair washing guides from our friends at and others like it on the web to make sure you’re washing your stuff the right way.

  1. Be Patient And Let It Grow

Maybe you’ve seen plenty of inspiring beard styles on the internet that made you want to go ahead and trim your beard into a particular shape. But when you’re new to growing your facial hair, know that it grows painfully slow. You need to be patient and restrain yourself from constantly trimming your newly grown beard. Instead, let it grow and leave it untouched for at least four to six weeks. This time frame will allow your hair to grow evenly to its full length.

Keep in mind that each man’s facial hair will grow at its own speed, but your lifestyle, diet, and exercise may help speed up the growing process. While you’re waiting for your facial hair to grow at its longest, don’t forget to keep it clean and wash it regularly, as mentioned in the first tip.

  1. Trim Your Beard

Trimming is essential to keep your beard looking healthy and clean. Even if you’re planning to grow them out, it’s still vital that you trim them at least once every two months to get rid of the split ends.

If you’re planning to keep your beard short, you can trim it every few weeks or so. Moreover, it may be best if you use scissors when trimming your beard for the best results. Trimmers are more likely to cause split ends on your facial hair, while scissors will help keep your hair more precise.

Also, make it a habit to check your facial hair in the mirror every week and see any uneven patches. Moreover, make sure you’re shaping your beard in a way that matches your face shape. That way, your beard will work perfectly with your style and not against it.

  1. Use Beard Oil

For most men, beard oils can be tricky. Some make facial hair too shiny, dry, or heavy. To find the best oil product for your beard, don’t hesitate to try as many options as possible until you figure out which one works out for you.

Remember, whatever touches your beard will eventually get onto your skin too. Beard oils will soften your facial air, keep it looking hydrated, and as well as prevent your beard from randomly sticking out in the middle of the day. So, don’t forget to include beard oils in your facial hair care routine.

  1. Stay Healthy

Your facial hair is made from fat and protein, but its growth relies heavily on the vitamins you take, such as B3, B5, and B9. To keep your beard looking healthy, make sure you also nourish it from within by eating food good for your beards, such as meat, egg yolks, nuts, and leafy greens. Aside from that, don’t forget to incorporate exercise and enough hours of sleep for better results.

Wrapping Up!

Beards give out a strong presence in your overall physical look. It’s one of the first things that any person you meet will see from you. Thus, make sure to keep these tips in mind to keep your facial hair healthy, well-groomed, and of course, boost your confidence. After all, the results are definitely worth the effort.

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