5 Tips To Declutter Your Garage And Increase Space

If you’re tired of a cluttered and disorganized garage, you might be wondering how to declutter your garage and reclaim the space for your car and other belongings.

With time the number of things in your home increase and occupy valuable space. It’s easy for every old and new thing to end up in a garage. It could be spare tools, old cycles, or anything else.

All these items might not be in your use and take up space that could have been used productively. So de-cluttering becomes a must. It’s a time taking task and will drain most of your energy. Some people even leave it halfway because they feel overwhelmed.

As a seasoned expert in decluttering and organizing spaces, I have successfully transformed cluttered areas into functional environments using effective strategies. With a wealth of experience in helping homeowners declutter their garages, my comprehensive plan ensures that you get the assistance you need to make a lasting impact.

By following my tried-and-tested tips for decluttering, you will not only start to organize your space efficiently but also learn to keep it well-maintained in the long run. Trust in my authoritative guidance as we embark on this journey to create a clutter-free and organized garage.

However, completing this task will leave you much more content. The newly available space would provide multiple benefits, including a cleaner space for you and your family. Here are five tips for improving the current condition of your garage.

Use Storage Units

A great way to de-clutter your garage is by organizing things into storage racks. You could get affordable ceiling storage racks or boxes to store away all your goods in one place. From old toys to unused clothes, everything can be packed into storage units and kept in one corner.

These occupy lesser space and make your garage look cleaner. You won’t even notice their presence. So, you will have a lot of available areas. Once all your items are in boxes, you could even stack them on one another to keep the place clean.

The best part, it’s easy to find affordable storage units near you. You could save money and create space in your garage simultaneously.

In case, you feel trouble finding items from boxes or storage units, label them beforehand. That way, you only need to read the label to identify which items it holds.

Use All Available Wall Space

Another thing to think of while de-cluttering is to use all available space, including the walls. Yes, the walls of your garage could be brought into use. You could hang handyman tools or wires on these walls. Similarly, countless other items can be hung on these walls.

You will need nails or hanging structures like planks and shelves to hang all these small things. Often, people install multiple shelves to keep items off their floors. You could do the same. However, it is better to avoid hanging heavy items as they might fall and harm you.

Most importantly, when drilling nails or hanging shelves on walls, use professional help. You could harm yourself if you don’t have experience in these tasks.

With several shelves and planks, you could create more space in your garage and make it look cleaner.

Sort Out Items

It’s necessary to sort out items while de-cluttering, or else you won’t get rid of unnecessary mess in your home. A garage has numerous things, including old clothes, toys, tools, and even broken goods. If you plan on clearing space, you must sort out which items are waste and which are to be saved.

Keeping unnecessary items will only occupy extra space. So, start throwing out things you no longer need in your home. Create different piles to sort out all items. There will be a waste pile with damaged items. This pile consists of things that are no longer in use. 

In the same way, make piles of clothing, tools, and other goods. When you complete one stack of goods, move to the next one and continue in the same manner till you finish. That way, you won’t feel tired, and everything gets sorted in time.

Sorting out items also helps you find things that could come into your family member’s use.

Try Cleaning Apps

Applications facilitate us in every matter of life. From banking services to recipes, an app provides everything we need. Similarly, these apps come in handy for de-cluttering homes. If you have an over-packed garage, download an app and start de-cluttering.

The app could guide you on how to schedule the cleaning and how to manage different items. You could even get cleaning task alerts and tips on storing goods. With an app, managing your garage won’t be a trouble.

So, research some good options online and pick the best one available. There are free options as well.

Sell or Donate Old Items

Lastly, homeowners can make extra space in their garages by donating or selling out old items. For example, if you have clothes lying around or spare toys, donate them to someone in need or sell them off.

You could use any social media platform or website to sell all the extra items in your home. If you have friends and family WhatsApp groups, you could circulate information through these channels. The more people you inform, the higher the chances of selling all your items.

If you have a lawn or backyard, you could even put things on display and auction them. All these options help you reduce the load from your garage without stressing you.


What is the quickest way to declutter a garage?

To declutter a garage fast, first develop a strategic plan that breaks the task into manageable steps. This includes categorizing items in the cluttered area, setting aside time for focused decluttering sessions, and enlisting help from friends or family members. Utilize proven tips and techniques to expedite the process and stay organized as you work through the space.

How can I arrange my garage when it’s overflowing with items?

If your garage is filled with too much stuff, begin by assessing the area and creating an organizing plan. Identify items you want to keep, donate, or discard. Implement space-saving tips and storage solutions to efficiently accommodate your belongings while maintaining a clutter-free environment. Seek help from a professional organizer if needed.

What’s the best approach for decluttering a garage that’s packed with belongings?

Decluttering a garage full of stuff requires a methodical approach. Establish a clear plan to tackle different sections of the garage, separating items into categories such as tools, seasonal decorations, or sports equipment. As you sort through the clutter, make decisions about what to keep, donate, or throw away. Engage in consistent decluttering sessions to maintain momentum and see tangible results.

How can I effectively declutter and arrange my garage?

To declutter and organize a garage, start by assessing the area and formulating a detailed plan. Determine the best methods for sorting through the clutter and allocate time for focused organizing sessions. Use practical tips and storage solutions to maintain organization in your garage, such as installing wall-mounted hooks, shelves, or pegboards. Ensure you have a system in place to keep the space tidy and clutter-free in the future.

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