Travel Nurse Agency: What They Are, What They Provide and More

Travel nursing is an excellent way for the RNs to get experience in different country areas and learn new skills. A travel nurse agency provides RNs to hospitals and other medical facilities temporarily.

How Does Travel Nursing Work and What Does Travel Nursing Provide?

Travel nurse agencies allow nurses to work in different areas of the country. The agencies typically provide housing, pay, and benefits for their nurses while working at the facility. Travel nursing can be an excellent way for the RNs to gain experience in different country areas and learn several new nursing skills. The RNs can build networks with other nurses as another significant benefit.

Things to Look in Travel Nursing Agency

When looking for a travel nursing agency, it is essential to consider their benefits. The agency should provide fair pay that meets the nurses’ education, skills, specialization, and experience. The agency should also have a good reputation and provide housing for the nurses working.

Variety of Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs are available in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. The jobs are usually in short-term positions, lasting for a few weeks or up to a year.

Exclusive Contracts

Exclusive contracts are standard in the travel nursing industry. An exclusive contract is a contract between a nurse and an agency in which the nurse agrees not to work for any other agency during the ongoing contract. Exclusive agreements can be beneficial for both the nurse and the agency. For example, the nurse receives benefits such as housing, pay, and insurance from the agency, while the agency can count on having a nurse available during the contract period.

Industry Expertise and Longevity

A vital factor to consider when choosing a travel nurse agency is the agency’s industry expertise and longevity. The agency should have experience in the travel nursing industry and provide nurses with jobs in various settings. For example, if you specialize in pediatrics, the agency should find a relevant placement that meets your skill sets.

Joint Commission Certificate

The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that accredits healthcare organizations in the United States. The Joint Commission is also the largest accrediting body in the world. The Joint Commission certifies the hospitals and other healthcare organizations with a rigorous evaluation process.

The Joint Commission evaluates hospitals and healthcare organizations on various factors, including quality of care, safety, and leadership. The Commission also considers hospitals on their compliance with the national standards.

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can receive the certification by meeting the organization’s high standards. Receiving a Joint Commission certification is an indication that the hospital or healthcare organization provides high-quality care to its patients.

Travel Nurse guy

Knowledgeable and Friendly Recruiters

The recruiters at travel nursing agencies are knowledgeable and friendly. They can answer any questions that nurses have about the travel nursing industry. The recruiters can also help the nurses find the perfect job for their skills and interests.

Comprehensive Benefits

A comprehensive benefits package is crucial for any job. The benefits package should include pay, healthcare insurance, and a retirement plan. For example, the salary for a travel nurse is typically higher than the pay for a nurse who works at a hospital or other medical facility permanently.

The higher income is a benefit for working as a travel nurse. Travel nurses also receive healthcare insurance and a retirement plan. These benefits are essential, as they help to ensure that the nurse has adequate healthcare coverage and secure retirement.


Bonuses are an integral part of any job. They are the way to show employees that they are valued and appreciated. Travel nurses typically receive bonuses for many reasons.

One reason that nurses may receive a bonus is for completing their contracts on time. Nurses who complete their contracts on time may be eligible for a bonus from the agency. This bonus is typically a percentage of the nurse’s salary.

Another reason the nurses may receive a bonus is working for extra hours. Nurses who work for extra hours may be eligible for a bonus from the agency. This bonus is typically a fixed amount of money. A third reason nurses may receive a bonus is to refer other nurses to the agency.

To sum up, a travel nurse agency provides better nurses and helps hospitals get well-trained staff more efficiently.

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