Unconditional Love: How Receiving And Giving It Changed My Life

Unconditional love is something you feel more compassionate about or sometimes call agape love. Both words sound similar but have a unique meaning in their way. Each of us wants to be loved freely and have some expectations and desires from our lovable partner. It only happens when in a relationship when do not have conflicts. However, unconditional love is hard to describe and in its narrowest definition, it is quite difficult.

I believe that conditional love is more about control than real love and if someone is controlling you, you cannot love them freely. In other words, conditional love can be described as passionate love. This kind of love has some conditions.

But in the case of unconditional love, your love depends on nothing and your love your partner unconditionally which is quite realistic. Most of us think about parent’s love for child and children love to parent’s as unconditional love which is true in all aspect but if we find our soulmate partner we can love them unconditionally as our parent’s do to us. This suggests that unconditional love is rewarding without receiving anything in return. In unconditional love, the happiness of another person matters more to you rather than thinking about other flaws.

Importantly, it is a selfless act in which you devote yourself to your loved ones. Nowadays, it also works in romantic relationships too where you love your partner unconditionally.

Recently I have read a book “On death and dying” by the author Dr Elisabeth Kubler-ross in which she has written that “if we make our goal to live a life of compassion and unconditional love, then the world will indeed become a garden where all kinds of flowers can bloom and grow”.

A couple with Unconditional love sitting on a bed

How to love unconditionally?

The very first thing to love unconditionally is that you need to be very open about everything. For instance, you have to practice open communication in which your partner and your needs can meet. Moreover, don’t let the little things destroy your relationship. Keep yourself and your partner away from the people who might feel jealous of your relationship. In life, no person should get everything they want to share some power in your relationship.

This kind of love doesn’t mean always giving people what they want, at the expense of your needs. Instead, it is a mature type of love that means treating the other person with love and respect, maintaining your boundaries and protecting yourself.

You can recognize Unconditional love by these characteristics

  • Unconditional love is altruistic which means you don’t consider potential benefits. The only thing in this kind of love is that you only offer love only for their support and benefit.
  • Unconditional love is safe and secure from every aspect because you love your partner without any condition. The only thing you look for is the safety of your partner and how they feel to be with you.
  • Ignoring your needs is the key factor to love your partner unconditionally.
  • Tolerating some sort of stress and abusive language is not a part of unconditional love. In such a case, your self-respect is more important.
  • It involves forgiveness and acceptance also. in such a case, you have to accept the flaws of your partner and keep on loving them.
  • It produces a positive feeling because when you receive unconditional love from someone makes a difference in emotional well-being.

Tip: Unconditional love cannot fuel a healthy relationship if you starting neglecting your needs because in somewhat ways take care of your needs is quite important.

Is unconditional love possible?

Well! It all depends on yourself. If you have the ability to love someone with the guts of forgiveness and acceptance then yes!! It is possible. Unconditional love is a mature and romantic love because it may be too much to expect someone to love us unconditionally. It is also considered positive regard for the life of another person.

Is unconditional love a choice?

According to me, unconditional love is a choice because it can be intentional as well as non-intentional. Unconditional love starts where you love your partner unconditionally and accepting flaws without any judgement. If you are dependent on someone then you cannot love to expect to love and to be loved unconditionally.

Difference between love and unconditional love?

Love can be predictable on different characters whereas unconditional love means accepting the flaws of your partner without any judgement. However, it is always impossible to meet your expectations as the expectation fails and the love of yours toward your partner will also fade away. Unconditional love also means your partner has flaws like yourself.

What is unconditional love and what it means in a relationship?

Unconditional love in a relationship demonstrates that your love for your partner should not depend on their job, their possessions and other materialistic things. Additionally, you should not punish your partner for making mistake. Also, if your partner is accepting your flaws that means they are also loving you unconditionally.

Can unconditional love exist in marriage?

Unconditional love is long-lasting and it also happens in healthy relationships. This kind of love is beyond boundaries. To love someone, you need to love yourself first and accepting your own flaws. If you can fulfil your own needs then you can also fulfil your partner needs.

An epitome of unconditional love is a man and a dog. The dog does not care about the mistakes man makes. Likewise, the man knows sometimes his dog will make a mess. The love between a man and a dog is unconditional.

To conclude, unconditional love is just like a dream which comes true. You can be more to your partner if your love is unconditional with a mature sense. This will help you become more aware of your partner and relationship needs.

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