5 Cool Ways To Improve The Exterior Of Your Home

Most people don’t care about the exterior of their homes. When was the last time you checked your gutters or tiles? I doubt you clean your garden path regularly, plus your house walls probably look stained.

Let’s look at a few ways you can improve the exterior of your home. It won’t take long to carry out the work, but you’ll be able to admire it for years. You’ll want to tell your neighbors to do the exact same afterward.

1. Invest In Wide Patio Doors

You should look through a patio doors guide to see if you like them. Homes with wide glass doors look great from the outside, plus they let lots of natural light into rooms. You can keep them open in summer when it’s hot.

Too much glass on the front of your home isn’t as nice, so make sure you stick to the back of the house. Don’t worry about people breaking in through the patio. It’s difficult to force your way through sliding doors.

2. Adding Color To Your Garden

Piercing guy

Gorgeous new windows and doors will improve the look of your home, but cheap things like flowers and crisp lawns work too. You should add some color to your garden using beautiful plants, which you can mix and match.

You’ll get fantastic advice at your local gardening center. If you get baskets to hang from your windows, you can put different flowers in them. Spend an hour in your garden this weekend and it will look great.

3. Light Up The House At Night

It’s possible to make your home look good at night using different lights. Get a fancy porch light you can keep on while you sleep, which should look like an antique. Hang a couple of lights on your exterior walls too.

Place some colored LED lights in your garden besides the flowers. Your lights and flowers will stand out from the other side of the road. A bright home is a big deterrent if you’re worried about people breaking in.

4. Repair The Broken Roof Tiles

Can you see the roof from the bottom of your garden? It’s hard to tell what’s going on above your head, so it’s easier to ignore it. Sadly, everyone else will see the state of your shocking roof while driving past.

It will look like it’s falling apart if you have missing tiles everywhere. You need to ensure there aren’t chunks of concrete crumbling from your chimney. Ask a roofer to climb up and fix everything that’s broken or missing.

5. Give Walls A Scrub And Paint

If you scrub your walls with soapy water, they’ll look clean again. I think you’ll be surprised by the shade when finished. It’s easy to go one step further once you’ve removed the grease and grime from your walls.

You can paint the exterior walls of your home over a weekend. You’ll need a few special tools and someone to hold your ladder, but it’s not difficult. It will only look good if you clean everything thoroughly first.

Your Home Will Finally Stand Out

Everyone will be impressed when they drive past your home. It might be the only one in the neighborhood that doesn’t look like it’s falling apart.

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