What Is Basement Waterproofing And Why It’s Totally Worth It

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There are many ways to keep the foundation protected from moisture. Among all of them, basement waterproofing methods are highly considered in demand. This procedure gives an extra edge and a couple of more years of protection to the foundation by fortifying it. Especially for moisture problems, basement waterproofing is a tonic procedure. But before you reach a contractor, it’s essential to know about what you are dealing with.

Working Procedure

The procedure can prove a bit longer if you are a little short on labor. First, coat the foundation from the outside. Specific materials are utilized that involve polymers and membranes, which are used to cover the exterior side of the walls. Then, to install the material, along with that installing a trench drain underground. You can also get this work done by combining both methods at a time.

When do you think you have entirely covered every loophole? After that comes the satisfying path. To eradicate the water from the basement, exterior drainage is mainly preferred. However, to seal your work tight, apply a waterproof coating on the basement. In the marketplace, you can find plenty of coating products with ease. Next, you must consider the interior waterproofing method, to remove water stored in the basement.

Cost of Basement Waterproofing

waterproof basement walls

Many people often get confused regarding the price. Some find it’s cheap, while in contrast for few people it’s highly expensive. In addition, the price also keeps changing due to material. However, you don’t need to worry. We have put forward a stat for you for your ease of learning, telling how much it averagely costs.

According to our survey’s basement waterproofing costs between $1900 and $6400. In describing specifics, per square foot with average, it costs $3 to $10. So, if you are a little tight on money, ensure you have at least that.


The life span of the basement waterproofing procedure mainly depends. Many factors can decrease the life of the basement waterproofing method. For example, climate conditions make the surface more vulnerable. Also, the severity of the initial damage can affect it. On average, the basement waterproofing lasts around ten years. You can find this information by contacting the retailer or some expert.

However, you can increase the lifespan by taking care of the surface. Keep checking the exterior over time to detect any minor tweaks. In case you notice them, you can patch things up with ease. By doing this, you will remain protected from any significant setbacks.

Final Thoughts

It’s almost impossible to remove moisture from the basement entirely. Yet, it’s also necessary that the foundation of the structure remains in good shape. To make sure of that, the basement waterproofing method is the best option available. The material can easily last more than ten years without causing any disturbance. And, also from the price point of view, it’s not that expensive.

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