What Makes A Beverly Hills Home A “Luxury Home”

Beverly Hills, California, is one of the most famous cities globally, and the style and quality of the properties have become a marvel of pop culture. But what exactly makes a house in Beverly Hills stand out as THE home to have in the area?

This article will discuss several characteristics that any home in Beverly Hills would need to have to be considered a luxury home. We’ll start with the basics and move on to more advanced features.

Whether you’re considering buying or selling, you’ll want to keep these features in mind as you try to find Beverly Hills homes for sale.

Luxurious Furniture

It’s not a proper home at Beverly if it has anything but high-end furniture and appliances. The Boca do Lobo (wolf’s mouth) chairs made in Portugal are an example found in many Beverly Hills homes. The seats are known for their exquisite beauty and comfort.

In addition to luxurious furniture, some of these homes feature the finest finishing such as marble floors, one of the most expensive types of flooring material available.

Beverly Hills

The Security System

For a property in Beverly Hills to be considered luxurious, it has to have a quality security system. The system should be designed to be aesthetically pleasing so that it doesn’t look out of place while providing maximum protection against intruders.

Modern security systems nowadays are linked to 24/7 security professional monitoring that can track movement through every home. They can even let you know if an intruder has broken into one of your rooms or opened a window or door.

The system should also allow you to view live footage from their security cameras on any device with internet access. These cameras also help you keep tabs on pets and children who might wander off without telling anyone where they’re going.

Excellent Lighting and Space

Who doesn’t want to live in a home that feels bright and spacious? The houses in Beverly have high ceilings, large windows, natural light, and beautiful views.

What’s even better is with the LED technology today, you can even change your lighting for different moods or activities throughout the day.

Whether it is an intimate dinner party or just relaxing on your patio with friends, lighting plays a huge role in creating ambiance and making any space feel special and Beverly Hills luxury homes have no shortage of these features.

Modern Technology Features

Beverly Hills Luxury homes are equipped with the latest, most innovative home automation devices. It provides the homeowners with control over lighting, temperature, and security systems right from their smartphone.

The network-connected systems can be controlled remotely by your phone or tablet. So, when you’re not at home, you can use your phone to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors.

Some luxury homes even have self-adjusting thermostats that raise and lower temperatures based on whether you’re home or away. These houses also feature advanced fire detection systems that alert residents of danger so they can act quickly to salvage the situation.

Luxury Bathrooms

While bathrooms can be luxurious and beautiful in both new and old homes, those in high-end luxury homes have some features that are rather unique.

For starters, luxury baths have open floor plans with skylights and windows to bring in plenty of natural light and Italian or Italian-inspired fixtures such as soaking tubs made of stone or wood. They also feature dual sinks to provide extra space for grooming or relaxing.

Some include separate showers or steam rooms and outdoor decks. Luxury bathroom designers may use materials like marble, slate, granite, and onyx to create an opulent look that will impress visitors. Asian styles influence some luxury bath designs, including sunken tubs surrounded by cushioned seating areas.

Exercise Rooms

Access to exercise equipment and space is another must-have feature of luxury homes. It’s an amenity that will help draw big business if you’re ever looking to sell.

Plus, keeping up with fitness will also help you stay focused on your goal of reaching or maintaining your ideal weight in today’s health-conscious environment. If you can work out right in your own home, there are no excuses not to get a full workout in.

The Bottom Line

A tour of Beverly Hills and its luxury properties should justify the high value of these houses. This is evident from the way they are designed and built, not to mention the features listed above.

In addition, the city has all the amenities that anyone could ask for, including fine dining, entertainment, museums, and parks. It’s no wonder why so many people want to live here.

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