When We First Met

It was the 18th of May of the day. The day was sunny.

The sun shone strongly through the glass windows of my car.

It was a connection made by a mutual friend who told me his name. I got fluttery every time I saw him.

couple kissing

I got excited every time he called me or texted me.

It felt like I was at the top of the world. Moreover, I always found ways to stay in touch with him by asking him some silly questions about study.

Sounds crazy? isn’t it?

So, on that sunny day! I thought to myself? Is that real? Is he really coming?

Gladly ! my heart replied!

When he came, his presence had blown me away. All my walls got broken. Actually, he won my heart with his ocean eyes.

For that moment, I knew, I’m keeping him close.

After some notorious talks. for once, both my mind and heart said “yes”. without any single doubt because it happened never before.

There were no fights. I can’t even remember my mind asking questions nor my heart doubting and fearing. They just want the same thing at the same time.

I wanted him. All of him. Just him!

I think I was in love from the very first day.

When we met, I thought to myself, I will never ever let him go.

That sunny day was so beautiful. I believe that time I was happy as I could be.

I was quite determined to make him a constant. I have also seen how good life is with him and there is no way I’m letting him go.

He had brought me to a greater height.

Additionally, we had the same taste in everything. He has made me reached the hope of making things possible.

He has drowned me in a love, which accepts who I am as I am.

When we first met, I told myself various things like he has no idea how I am going to make his world turn upside down.

I am going to love him from the beginning until the sun stops rising.

I moved heaven and earth just for us to reach this moment – the first meeting with him.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time. I have been watching him with his friends as well as on social media and that time I laid my eyes on him.

I have been whispering all day and all night that I love him insanely.

In personal, I told myself that I’m committed to him. My love for him will be the same yesterday, today, and forever till my last breathe.

When we first met I told myself I will never get tired of him.

He is the reason I laugh, I shine.

He is the reason for my existence. There is nothing that could do to make me love him less.

GOD !! it’s like, its not even the same emotion –when we first met I did blush when he is nearby.

Sit up straighter.

Toss my hair.

Get nervous.

It didn’t take long ( Just a couple of weeks later, some late-night conversations, and some well-timed whiskey shots) led to falling in love with each other.

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