5 Car Accident Injuries That Require Immediate Medical Attention

A modern vehicle is designed and built for the modern roads, and when you are driving, there is always a risk of getting wrapped up in an accident, which is unpredictable. In fact, road accidents resulting in injuries to one or more people are more common than we would like to imagine.

Since there is no telling when or where the accident would occur, it is best to stay aware of the fact that when it does occur, you are ready to take certain measures, like getting medical attention for the injuries that are visible and invisible.

A car accident can result in an endless number of injuries, and some can be more severe than others. In minor scars and bruises, you probably would skip going to a car accident doctor. However, if you contract a more serious injury, you would have to visit the doctor at once, because these injuries can get worse if not immediately attended to.

However, some of these injuries are not visible at first. Your body goes through a one-of-a-kind experience when it is going through a car accident – the sudden shock and adrenaline rush makes you unaware of the injuries and the discomfort associated with it. That is why some injuries, even though they occur during the accident, don’t show their symptoms until after a day or two. These injuries require medical attention more than anything because they are not on the surface yet and they are still managing to make things worse in your body.

Millions of people are getting involved in traffic collisions every year. If you are in a car crash and it is not your fault, it is essential to get a car crash lawyer to help you with your case. You should also definitely stay aware of the different injuries caused by car accidents that require immediate medical attention.

In the US state of Georgia, accident stats are at an all-time high, with millions of people getting involved in traffic collisions every year, with a high number of cases showing up. You should definitely stay aware of the different injuries caused by car accidents that require immediate medical attention.

1. Head Injuries

A day or two after the accident, you wake up with a severe headache, but you think it’s because of normal stress and you try to treat it with aspirin. While headaches are fairly common and can vanish on their own, sometimes they are more complicated than that.

If you have contracted any head injury and there is no way to tell it right after the accident, the post-car accident headache is the best hint you will have. Therefore, never shove your headache under the rug if you’ve recently been a victim of a car crash.

In some cases, headache can be because of traumatic brain injury, where the brain is forced against the skull and contracts bruises or bleeding. To escape any form of complicated injury and to start recovery at once, visit a car accident doctor in Marietta at once.

2. Neck Injuries

Neck Injuries

It is very common among car accident victims to start suffering from neck pain after a day or two after the accident. After a car accident, neck pain usually occurs when there is an injury. And most of the time, this injury is whiplash or herniated disc.

The pain from these injuries might not be felt right after the accident, but after few hours, a day, or two, the symptoms start occurring. In spinal injuries, the pain and irritation start from one area, like the neck, and spread to other areas, like the lower and upper back.

More specifically, whiplash is the most common kind of accidental neck injury. It occurs on the road when your car is hit from the back, causing your body to jerk forward and backward in a sudden motion while keeping your neck out of balance. This messes up the torque of your neck – a place where the spine connects with the brain – and triggers whiplash. Due to sudden shock, symptoms of whiplash might not occur at the instant and show up hours later.

Considering the number of vehicular accidents on the roads of Marietta, Georgia, it is important to appoint yourself for whiplash care to start the recovery before symptoms start occurring and things get worse.

3. Back Injuries

When there’s back pain after a car crash, it is most probably because of a spinal injury; more specifically, herniated or ruptured disc. Disc herniation occurs when your body suffers from the pressure it is not used to. Initially, you might be completely fine, being glad that you are walking away from a car accident without any injury. However, a day or two later, back pain starts making your life difficult.

A lot of people shove back pain under the rug, thinking that it is because of trauma and the stress of recent events. While that concern is valid, back pain can be a symptom of a major complication with your spine. Therefore, it shouldn’t be ignored, especially when you’ve recently been a car accident victim.

If the complication is a herniated disc, then you are to take doctor’s recommended medications, rest, injections, surgery, or whatever it is that professional opinion regarding your bodily state dictates.

However, a lot of people believe in natural cures instead of hardcore drugs, injections, and surgery. If you think your case isn’t worse and you want to opt-out of surgical and injective treatment. If you are located in Marietta’s you can search car accident chiropractor in Marietta to get a list of companies that provide these services. Chiropractors don’t use any medication or surgical equipment; they use their hands, some tools, and physical therapy experience to align your spine through spinal decompression. That way, you get better slowly but your body skips the consequences of side effects of medicine or surgery.

4. Numbness in Tingling in Limbs

If you are facing frequent numbness and tingling in your shoulders and limbs after a recent car accident, it is possible that you have a spinal injury. When a spine disc is herniated, it pushes the spinal fluid out of the annulus, resulting in the pressure applied to nearby nerves.

These nerves are connecting with your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, and even legs. If one doesn’t appoint for immediate medical attention upon facing tingling sensation, pain, and numbness in different parts of the body, the condition can worsen, causing lack of motion, lack of energy, and even temporary paralysis at some point.

Therefore, it is important to appoint for professional care the second you think something is wrong.

5. Chest Injuries

Although people are less aware of post-accidental chest injuries, it is certainly a more complicated kind of accidental injury. That is why chest injuries are more likely to require surgeries.

In a car crash, a chest can contract anything from bruises and contusions to broken ribs and internal organ damage. In some cases, collapsed lung(s) and internal bleeding are also caused.

A car driver wearing a seat belt is always at risk of chest injuries. That is because a seat belt, closeness to the steering wheel, and airbags can contribute to causing a chest injury in fatal accidents.  If you’ve contracted a chest injury, you might face shortness of breath or fast breathing, bruising and swelling on the chest, cough, crackling sound in the chest, and low blood pressure. In cases of internal bleeding, coughing up blood is also a symptom.

Immediate medical attention can minimize the effect of these injuries on your body, but if you ignore the redness, swelling, bruises, cough, tingling, and numbness, things can get worse and you will start showing severe symptoms. Therefore, it is always critical to get checked up right after an accident.

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