How To Get Your Garden Ready For Hot Weather

One of the best things about summer is the hot weather that allows you to spend time outdoors enjoying your garden.

If you have an amazing plot of land that you just don’t get to enjoy during the winter months, then you probably jump at the chance to pull out your deck chair when the sun starts to shine.

However, having a garden that isn’t optimized for hot weather can make sitting outside a less than pleasant experience. To make sure both you and your guests have the best time, take a look at these tips:

Make sure you have plenty of shade

Garden shade

If your garden is of a good size, you really need a shade tree to create cool pockets of shadow where you can hide from the midday sun.

While you might want to spend every waking moment lying on the grass, being outside in the direct sun all day can cause you to feel tired or even unwell.

Having several large trees in your garden allows you to split your time between sunbathing and enjoying a drink and bite to eat without worrying too much about burning your skin or developing heat stroke.

However, not all of us have the space required for trees in our gardens. If your yard is a smaller size, you could invest in a sun umbrella or install a small covered area to give you the respite you need from the heat.

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Consider a water feature

One of the best ways to cool down in hot weather is by being around cold water.

This could mean installing a fountain that you can dip your toes in or even buying a paddling pool for the whole family to enjoy.

Lots of people have sprinklers in their garden as well, which turn on periodically and douse you in a fine mist of cooling water. Sprinklers have a dual purpose, though, as they also help your plants and lawn to stay lush and vibrant.

Hot weather can be tough on your plants, especially if there’s no rain. You may be less likely to sit outside if your garden is all dried up and barren, so make sure your plants are getting a drink when they need it.

Invest in garden furniture

If you’re going to be spending lots of time outside in the garden, you’re going to want to be comfortable. A staple for every garden, no matter its size, are some basic chairs and a table, which will allow you to have drinks or meals outdoors.

If you’re inviting friends over, it can also be a good idea to buy a grill for cooking outdoors. After the meal is over, you and your guests may want to relax, so having cushions, blankets and swing seats or a hammock can help you to take your dinner party well into the evening.

If the weather starts to cool, think about bringing out an outdoor heater or chimenea to keep everyone warm.

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