Explosive Abs Building Home Workout

Having your dream abs, can’t be simply achieved by doing endless crunches. It’s more than working on your ‘pretty’ muscles. You should first strengthen your core muscles for a strong, solid base. Just performing crunches can make your tummy grow more outward and you certainly don’t want that.  There are several exercises that train your abdominal muscles.

Abs are usually worked out by compound exercises as they hit both your upper & lower body. The home workouts will strengthen your core muscles from all angles while focusing on function than flexion.

1)  Dumbbell crunch

Do this work out by lying straight on your back, then hold a dumbbell or a weight plate that crosses your chest with both of your hands. After that raise the torso, and lower it, while maintaining tension in the upper abs throughout your workout. Do 10 reps and take 10-sec rest between

2)  Ab Wheel Rollout

After wearing your workout shirt start doing this workout by kneeling on the ground. Then hold the ab wheel underneath your shoulders. Then Brace the abs & roll the wheel at your front till you get the sensation of losing tension at your core make sure your hips stag. After that roll yourself back from where you started. Perform as reps you can, then increase the intensity

3)  Hollow Rocks

Start this workout by lying straight on the ground, extend your legs straight at your front & arms stretched overhead. Maintain the contact in your lower back & the floor as you start raising the upper body from the ground. Keep both of your arms straightened & toes pointed outwards. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles as you begin to hollow your belly & slightly roll the lower back. Then lift up your legs from the floor while your shoulders pull you back to the floor.

4) Tuck & crunch

Lie straight down with both of your hands over your head & the legs raised with both of your knees bent at an angle of 90°. Then gradually raise your torso & move your knees close to your chest. Make sure you keep your fingers by the temples throughout the workout & start every rep smoothly. Do not jerk up your torso. And avoid your feet from touching the ground between reps. Do 15 reps with 10-sec breaks in between.

5) Arms-High Partial Sit-up

After wearing your workout clothes. Lay down straight on the floor. Bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Then extend both of your arms overhead, and keep them in that position throughout your workout. Sit up in the halfway, and steadily return back to the ground for completing one rep.

6) Modified V-sit

Lie straight down with both of your legs slightly raised from the ground & extended straight. Make sure they are perfectly parallel with the ground, and both of your arms hanging straight at your sides. Keep both of your arms straight and start raising your torso while bringing your legs in, and bending both of your knees, in a way that your chest meets touches the knees on the top of the move.

7) Front Squat

Set up the barbell on the power rack at the level of your shoulders. Then grab the bar with both of your hands shoulder-width apart & start raising your elbows till your upper arms become parallel to the ground. After that take the bar out from the rack & make it rest at your fingertips and balance it. After that step back & set your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes turned outwards slightly. Then squat low as possible without losing the arch at your lower back.

8) Hanging leg raise

It is a pretty tough workout that tones your abdominal muscles while strengthening your core. This brutal workout includes various tough hanging exercises. Start with a straight dead hang while your legs are extended with your knees & ankles touching. Hold them closer as your lower abs raise, after that lower down your back and pull yourself up. And repeat the movement.

9) Hanging knee raise twist

Start this workout from a dead, hang position with both of your legs extended & knees held together. Then twist your body & raise both of your knees at one side, & return to start. Keep on alternating sides.

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