The Science Behind Give And Take relationship

When it comes to writing about love, it comes with the things like giving and taking love and expect nothing in return. Love is something you can give to someone and expect the same from the other person. Love is just a feeling of pleasure. It is never be given or taken.

“Give and take” simply means that you may have to forfeit some aspects of what you might consider being right, while at the same time accept those changes you might incur from your partner or from your loved ones that you may not necessarily like. The same “give and take” should be reciprocated by your partner for an amicable relationship to continue.

These changes usually occur gradually and over time. In some relationships, these exchanges are so small that they may even go unnoticed but most of the time people get notified easily. Many people believe that a good relationship is all about to give-and-take and never let it be one-sided. Relationships are all about compromises even if we are giving and we get our best in exchange.

Give And Take relationship

We usually tend to ignore, not feel appreciated, and not feel satisfied. Some people do not think about the stress the other one had. The less giving partner can be in frustration. As life is all about to give-and-take, you put things in and you take things out. It is simply just like a bucket. Sometimes, you put things into a bucket and you take things out.

A relationship in which one person gives too much or the other takes too much is not a good one. One of the other partners will feel cheated or drained and love won’t equalize things. Some believe that relationships are not about giving and giving because that’s being drained emotionally as well as physically. It’s just don’t expected to get all that you give.

7 ways and examples to have a give and take relationship.

1. Seeking mutual help.

Mutual help in a relationship is quite important. If one person is doing work and another one is ignoring or not doing any kind of help that leads to a misbalanced relationship. I believe that in this world even machines do not give output equivalent to the input and that is being too ideal.

2. Talk about everything.

Talking is something that expresses your love and showing that you care a lot. If you stop talking, the other partner might feel not good. Moreover, if you think that someone is not treating you the way you deserve you simply need to contact them and talk about the things.

3. Do not give more than you can afford to give.

In such a case, you need to evaluate the capabilities of your partner. If you see that he is not simply charged at your level, lower your contribution to his life. If you are exceeding your limits, you might want to work with a therapist for a better understanding.

4. Accepting flaws.

Accepting flaws is the biggest characteristic in a give-and-take relationship. We all know that nobody is perfect, some people react more negatively to their partner’s mistakes rather than ignoring them. We need to accept flaws to have a good relationship.

5. Giving space to your partner.

Giving space is also mandatory in relationships. Being involved in a give-and-take relationship does not mean you should be together 24/7 and also, not accepting your partner’s decision of spending time separately. People have unique hobbies and they sometimes want to do those activities with other people as well.

6. Give a daily dose of compliments.

Usually, compliments are the way to express your love and show your affection. It is an important part of a healthy relationship. Sometimes, your partner might perceive to observe their personal growth so, compliments from loved ones help a lot.

7. Don’t give up.

Well, sometimes people might consider giving up. They don’t do plenty of efforts which help them to maintain a healthy relationship. My advice on this is “keep trying until you feel good”. This helps you a lot. Find your strengths and exploit them in full and do all these things full of joy and enjoyment.

I too agree that relationships are not about giving and taking. If you are giving something in a relationship and expecting to get that same amount in return that is selfishness according to me because in that case, you are thinking about yourself, not the relationship you are in.

Relationships are beautiful and lovable things. We need to be gentle with our loved ones. For instance, me and my partner have the same sense of humor about relationships and are not about giving and taking. It all depends upon you and your partner’s thinking. No matter what people sense, just give your best and hope for the best.

Some words may make you sad. Some words make you happy and some words make you enlightened. You can use a dictionary to find an English word to say to your partner that will cheer up their mood.

According to the dictionary, the English word give-and-take is an exchange of feelings or words. A relationship where there is a lot of give-and-take and exchange of love is the best kind of relationship.

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