Health Tips for Working From Home

2020 was a long and difficult year, and for many of us, the effects have carried over into our normal daily routine. This means that for a number of people, working from home has become the new normal. While this can have loads of benefits for our mental health, family time, and productivity overall, it can also have its negative side.

One of these not-so-fun factors of working from home is the impact it can have on our physical health – spending all day every day cooped up in our home offices isn’t doing a whole lot of good to our bodies. Here are some ways you can combat the work-from-home slog.

Rig Your Desk Setup

Working from home desk

Spending hours on end sitting all cramped up at a desk in front of a glaring screen isn’t good for anybody, but there are some things you can do to lighten the load. To ease the strain on your eyes, consider investing in blue light glasses to wear during work hours. Blue light glasses for men are available online, which can really make a difference on eye strain and help you focus better too.

Purchasing a really good ergonomic desk chair is another important factor here. Your back health is something you want to protect in the long-term, so this is an investment worth making for your at-home work setup. A few simple items like these can make taking care of your health at your desk pretty seamless.

Prep Healthy Snacks

Constantly being in the vicinity of your own refrigerator is both a blessing and a curse. Eating at home can save you money on takeout and eating out during lunch breaks, but it also means that your mind is always going to be on the potential snacking you could be doing. Snacking is fine, and can be beneficial for boosting brain power and productivity throughout your workday, but you’ll want to be focusing on healthy eating and good nutrition to achieve this.

Each week, buy and prepare some healthy food and snacks that you can graze on throughout the day. Nuts and seeds, chopped vegetables with a high-protein dip like hummus, loads of freshly chopped fruits, and yogurt – there are so many delicious, healthy and nutritious options to have on hand so that you’re not reaching for chips between every Zoom meeting.

Take Breaks

When your work is your home and your home is your work, it can become hard to separate the two from one another. Taking breaks is important, just like you would in a regular office. Try to take your breaks away from your desk – go for a walk outside for some fresh air, chat to your family in the kitchen, or watch a quick episode of your favorite sitcom to take the edge off during your lunch break. Having your leisure time in a separate area from where you work is important for your brain to differentiate between what it should be doing in each situation, making for better focus and more relaxed chill time too, winning!


When you’re working from home, it can be easy to slip into a hustle mindset and forget to take care of your own needs since it’s just so easy to stay at that desk. For the sake of your physical health, mental health, and relationships, it’s crucial that you find a healthy balance. Make a habit out of taking care of your body and your mind throughout the workday and treat your desk as an office – a place that you walk away from your office hours. Your future self will thank you for it.

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