Looking For New Date Night Ideas? Try These 5 Activities

Date nights are an important part of any relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together. These nights are a chance to connect with your partner away from distractions such as work and kids.

Sometimes, it can feel challenging to think of new and exciting date night ideas, especially if you’ve been committed for many years and feel like you’ve exhausted your options.

When it comes to finding new date night activities, there’s always something unique and creative to try with your partner. Let’s take a look at our top 5 choices.

Find New Content for Movie Nights

Sure, you can turn on Netflix and watch the same movies you’ve seen numerous times, but did you know there’s so much unique content online to experience? With so many streaming channels available, why not start a free trial and try something you’ve never watched before?

Or, set up a white sheet against your wall and hook your phone up to a portable projector, where you can stream online content off of original programming, including series like Our Originals from Broadstream. The possibilities are endless with a strong internet connection.

Try a DIY Food Kit

Sometimes, the best date nights are where you can try something new without leaving the comfort of your home. Cooking together is always a bonding experience, but why not take it to the next level and try making something new?

You can find DIY food kits online for anything from hot sauces to pretzels. Shop for the ingredients at your local supermarket and spend a fun night working together to make something you’ve never tried before.

Daytime Hikes

Daytime Hikes

Maybe your evenings are just too full, and you can’t get away for the night. In that case, there are always daytime dates. Get out and explore nature with your partner, whether it’s a local hiking trail or a cool spot outside your city. Not only does being outdoors release endorphins and give your body much-needed Vitamin D, but it’s a great way to disconnect from technology for a couple of hours with your favorite person.

Take a Pottery Class

Chances are, neither of you has ever taken a class like pottery before. So, when you’re looking for a cool new date night idea, why not see if your city has any evening classes available? Pottery is a great activity to try with your partner because it allows you to be goofy and not take yourself too seriously — getting you both out of your comfort zones.

Catch a Live Production

Whether it’s a local comedy night or a theater production, there’s something special about getting dressed up and going to see live entertainment. No matter where you live, there’s always something happening on a Friday or Saturday night, either in your town or just a short drive away.

Whatever show you end up watching together, you’ll have plenty to talk about on the drive home. Go paint the town red!

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