Male Breast Reduction Surgery: What You Need To Know

Male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery is a common cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the male image. While a breast implant surgeon can help to improve the image of a person, this procedure aims at shrinking enlarged breasts and restoring individual confidence and self-esteem. 

Several men have sought to seek this procedure as a way of enhancing their self-esteem and building up their confidence. The presence of fatty tissue on the male torso can negatively affect the quality of life, and change how an individual views himself.

This procedure seeks to increase self-confidence and enhance how a man views his body and physique. A male breast reduction surgery offers permanent results which are made easier by the fast and simple procedure that gets rid of excess fat around the chest area. This leads to a more masculine chest area which increases individual confidence and style, especially when wearing able-fitting clothing.

This procedure is suitable for individuals who have trouble removing their shirts in public due to their self-consciousness about their body image.

Enlarged breasts in men can be caused as a result of genetic modifications, the use of uncertain medications, or simply just irregular weight gain in the chest area. Around 40% of men develop gynecomastia in their lifetime, which impacts their quality of life. This can happen to men of all ages, and successful gynecomastia surgery is possible depending on the age and the physician’s level of expertise.

Excessive steroid use and hormonal imbalances can also be major contributing factors to breast enlargement. Chronic liver disease and excessive use of herbal supplements can also jump-start the rapid growth of male breasts.

A suitable candidate for a male breast reduction surgery is one with excess fatty tissue around the torso and chest area. This procedure is simple, minimally invasive, and straightforward with the bright physician. Therefore, the success rate is high with several individuals considering this form of cosmetic surgery, to enhance their looks.

Male Breast

How it works

Before the surgery, the physician will conduct a background check to ascertain that the individual meets the recommended threshold for an operational procedure. For instance, the patient should be in good health and not have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or any chronic illnesses.

Male breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure that is done under general or local anesthesia. This factor makes the procedure a bit more costly than the normal cosmetic procedure.

The physician will employ liposuction techniques to yield the best cosmetic results. Advances in liposuction technology have seen minimally invasive and thorough techniques being employed by physicians to achieve perfect results with minimal turnaround time.

After anesthesia, the physician will make a small incision on the chest just around the areola and armpit. Depending on individual needs and wants, the physician will proceed to remove excess fat tissue and contour the chest thus leading to a natural sculpture of the chest. The physician will also seek to eliminate possible creases and love handles and retain a muscular-looking chest.

More severe cases of male breast reduction surgery will require tissue excisions which include the physician extracting a large amount of skin and tissue than required. This shows that this tissue is not able to be only treated with liposuction, and the amount of tissue varies depending on the location and depth of the incisions depending on individual preferences.

After the surgery, the patient is given a compression garment that they have to wear for the first few weeks to protect and support the tissues and reduce swelling. It is best to ensure that rigorous and strenuous exercises are not employed for the first month after surgery for proper healing.

Choosing the right physician

The right physician will help develop an individualized and specialized procedure that will ensure the best possible results for their client. Therefore, there are some key considerations that one should consider when choosing the right physician for the procedure:

  • Certification

The right physician will be board certified in Cosmetic Surgery after attending all the required fellowships required for training and experience. This ensures that the physician is qualified in all matters cosmetic and able to perform standard procedures and surgical considerations. It is best to ensure that the surgeon is registered under the Board of Certified Surgeons to have the assurance that the procedure will be performed in an accredited center with the right level of expertise.

  • Experience and skills

An experienced surgeon will go a long way in offering reassurance to procedures done in the past and present. A surgeon who has done several breast reduction procedures is in a better position of analyzing every individual case and offering the best possible judgment. Evidence of previous procedures through testimonials, pictures, and case files will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best in the practice.

  • Personality and concerns

A good cosmetic surgeon will aim to listen to your concerns and advise accordingly depending on the surgical requirements and individual needs and concerns. The patient also needs to have a good standing with the surgeon and be able to communicate efficiently. Being able, to be frank, will go a long way in fostering trust which is a major requirement for a successful surgery.

What to Consider

Several individuals have recorded positive feedback from the male breast reduction surgery. Soreness and swelling after surgery are normal and patients are given an over-the-counter medication to help alleviate the pain and discomfort frequently after surgery.

It is important to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle after the surgery to maintain permanent breast reduction surgery. It is best to seek counsel from the physician on the possible medications and steroids that do not alter the new physique.

Male breast reduction surgery will aim to restore the shape and size of the chest and make the average man comfortable with engaging in sporting activities such as swimming, gymnastics, and wearing summer wear.

With less breast tissue, body movement will feel less strenuous and one will be agile and active in any sporting activity available.

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