5 Male Grooming Trends You Didn’t Know About 

Male grooming industry has come a long way to the present multi-million-dollar industry.

The contemporary society has also made tremendous steps in acknowledging, or better still, accepting the significance of male grooming, and thankfully, today’s man is fully aware of the current grooming trends.

However, the industry trends and society’s attitudes towards it are very dynamic. This article focuses on the future of male grooming, and specifically, five male grooming trends that you didn’t know about.

Variety of Make-up Products

Most men become dubious at the mention of male make-up. Unknown to most, male products have been designed to take care of their concerns.

To begin with, male makeup is available in a variety of hues designed to be unnoticeable and most don’t have a scent. Currently, the industry is focusing on products such as blemish concealers, foundations, mascaras, eyeshadow, and even lip glosses.

In addition to dietary supplements that target men, the industry is focusing on handsomely packaged make-up brands. For instance, current trends are anti-aging serums and acne concealers.

Another noticeable product trend is the use of moisturizers that protect the skin from external environmental pollution.

Personalized Fragrances

The most significant revolution in fashion over the past decade is personalization.

The current trend is that men are going for personalized regimens and are avoiding off-the-shelf grooming products.

The dawn of custom-made products and made-to-measure products has allowed men to use products that best fit their needs.

Tailor-made fragrances to personal desires are becoming a fashionable male grooming trend unknown to most people. Men are spending good money on high-quality scents; off-the-peg scents are gradually becoming outdated.

Non-invasive Surgeries and Treatments

For a long time, the proliferation of non-invasive treatments has been more accessible to women than men. However, nowadays men are choosing non-invasive surgical treatments like Botox injection, laser treatment, and dermal fillers.

The trend is becoming popular and is yielding pleasant results, especially when done by professionals.

Current trends are changing traditional perceptions and increasing male eagerness to do the above.

Non-invasive treatments are becoming more and more accessible to men while the stigma on such treatments is also waning progressively.

Focus on Self-care as Opposed to Products

Male grooming trends are progressively bridging the gap between inward self-care and outward looks. Although products for men continue to have their place, the current fashionable man has acknowledged external factors that increase the need for a variety of products.

Focus on self-care entails gaining some level of control over external factors like prolonged exposure to the sun, smoking, alcoholism, and environmental pollution.

Current male grooming trends are working towards minimizing external factors. It’s a preventive as opposed to a curative approach.

Men getting groomed

Reducing Body Hair

Traditionally, reducing body hair was common amongst men with a lot of body hair and fashion models.

However, a smooth look is becoming a current trend amongst men of all ages and backgrounds. Reducing body hair is mostly achieved through shaving and waxing.

Current male grooming trends entail shaving the legs to accentuate their shape.

Men are paying attention to their facial hair. Waxing and trimming of brows to maintain a clean shapely look, remove stray and unruly hair.

As men get old, hair in the nose and ears increases and become more defined. Male grooming trends are focusing on the use of hot wax in the nose, ears, and other unreachable parts. Men are frequenting salons and beauty parlors to tidy up their noses and ears.

A short, clean and stylized beard, or a clean shave, as opposed to long and rugged looks, is becoming a trend. Chest, back, and arm hair are mostly personalized; pubic hair and armpits are mostly shaved for hygiene purposes.

A good percentage of men trim their chest hair to maintain relatively short hair. However, some prefer a clean smooth shave strip waxing that guarantees about six weeks.


The ratio of male to female in the salon is changing considerably.

Men no longer visit a barbershop to get just a haircut, but also to get diversified treatments, some of which have been long considered ‘female services’.

Male grooming is no longer a myth, it’s a reality that has been embraced in contemporary society.

Men have accepted self-grooming emphasizing hair and skin.

There are a number of reasons for dynamic male grooming trends. Key among the reasons is self-confidence and self-image. However, simple reasons like having more defined body features and hygiene cannot be overstated.

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