I Tried Laser Hair Removal (Here’s Everything You Need to Know)

Laser Hair Removal, specifically for men, has grown in popularity due to its wonderful results in the field of keeping body hair neat and tidy.

Technology has done amazing things for many aspects of our daily lives. From checking the news to getting to work, technology has truly made our lives much easier and much more convenient. Such is the case for grooming oneself, another area completely revolutionized by up-and-coming laser technology.

But what do we really need to know about laser hair removal for men? How does it work? What are its advantages as opposed to other treatments? Where are treatment centres found in the locale? What does one need to get started?

Let’s find out!

The Science Behind It All

In order to remove body hair, a beam of laser is targeted towards the skin. Specifically being aimed towards the hair follicles, the laser beam transmits concentrated light onto the follicles past the skin. The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs that light as heat, effectively killing the hair root and burning the hair follicle so that further growth of hair is largely delayed. Hair can technically continue to grow from the follicle but it will be harder. Therefore, one can feel the effects of laser hair growth for longer periods of time as opposed to other methods of hair removal like waxing or shaving.

How Beneficial is Laser Hair Removal

  • It will save you time. Previously, removing hair almost every other day from your face or your body was a necessity but a tremendous hassle. With laser hair removal, men won’t have to worry about constantly removing hair.
  • You can reach unreachable areas. Removing hair from hard-to-get places is easier than ever as laser hair removal will take care of it.
  • You will look good and feel clean. Athletes and professional performers use laser hair removal to achieve top-tier aesthetics as well as relieve irritation. Cyclists, for example, use laser hair removal in order to lessen irritation and skin chaffing during their recreational or professional endeavours.
  • You will have fewer problems afterwards. Manscaping has usually resulted in problems like ingrown hairs and accidental cuts during shaving or waxing. Laser hair treatment takes care of those risks.

Going to a Treatment Centre

Treatment centres are widely available in any locale. Practitioners can be found in establishments like dermatology clinics and areas where specialities are hair and skin. One may also find the treatment in clinics made specifically for these procedures. Many can find laser hair removal for men in London and various other cities as they are largely available and very professional with the way they handle treatments.

Getting Started

To get started, a customer will need to schedule appointments with the respective treatment places and coordinate with the practitioners performing the procedure on them. This includes at least a week of preparation wherein topical actives are not employed on the skin and waxing hasn’t been immediately done prior to the treatment. The customer will also be shaved, if not already done, at the area of treatment in order to prepare for the quick 30-minute session of laser hair removal.

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