4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Internet Connection

There’s no denying how integral the internet is to our daily lives. Whether you’re communicating with friends across the country or simply sending emails to your colleagues, we rely on quality internet to help us build those personal and professional connections.

When it comes to your current internet speed and capabilities, if you’ve found yourself frustrated and unable to secure the bandwidth you need to work and live efficiently, it’s likely time to upgrade your internet. While I was In London one of my friends was looking for an internet service provider. He found one by searching internet providers in London Ontario.

But before you do so, it’s important to be able to understand the key identifiers that are signaling this need.

Backups and Syncing are Failing

If you’re experiencing issues backing up important files and photos, syncing or transferring documents, or using any cloud storage space, it may be time to upgrade your internet package.

The process of these activities requires a healthy, strong internet connection in order to sync or transfer smoothly. The same can be said for users trying to sync their applications across multiple devices — an example would be downloading a document from your computer to your phone using a cloud storage program. You need a faster internet connection to ensure you don’t experience any lagging and that your transfer is successful.

slow internet

Lost Connections Throughout Your Home

Wifi signals can only reach so far and if your home has a choppy layout or significant square footage you may experience a drop in your connection — which is far from ideal. When this occurs, it’s time to speak with an internet service provider to upgrade your current plan.

You may need a long-range router or multiple routers to ensure your connection can reach every corner of your home.

You Incur Significant Data Charges

Many internet plans come with data caps, which puts a limit on the amount of internet you can use during your billing cycle. While these caps are not uncommon, some internet providers are more generous than others — so it’s important to speak with a representative to find out where they fall on the spectrum.

If your monthly bills are showing excess data charges, it’s time to upgrade and look for a provider that can offer an extended data cap so that you can continue to work and live without putting a strain on your finances.

Lagging Video Connections

Video-based apps like Zoom or Skype require strong internet connections to effectively connect their users and ensure they can communicate without lagging or buffering. The problem becomes when your internet upload speeds are not as sufficient as your download speeds.

In many cases, upload speeds are a fraction of what they should be. If you’re experiencing slow video connections, it’s more than likely your upload speeds are not where they should be.

It’s essential to find an internet provider that prioritizes these speeds in the same way they will for their download capabilities. With this additional feature, you can continue to connect with those closest to you.

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