4 Crucial Areas Of Your Home That Are Checked During A Home Inspection

When you’re getting ready to purchase, sell, or get an update on your home, remember that some imperfections are normal. Your home inspection results will not be flawless and being aware of these minor issues can help you prevent more serious concerns in the future. Most of the minor problems brought to light during your home inspection can be addressed quickly and without spending a lot of money.

Even if you’re certain your home is in good shape, it is still important to get a home inspection at least every five years, and sometimes more, depending on your home. Homes made from concrete, for instance, should be checked annually or, at the very minimum, every two years, given the greater susceptibility to mold. One of the most important reasons you should strive to get regular home inspections is the severity of unaddressed issues.

Neglected repairs and the first sight of mold left alone can lead to severe rotting and damage to your home’s foundation. You also run the risk of getting sick as you’re exposed to mold and toxicity. Your home inspection will likely take between two to four hours to complete, sometimes less or more, depending on the size of your home and how thorough the inspector is, to rule out these issues.

Your Gold Home Inspection will include a thorough look at the essential aspects of your property, based on standards by the American Society of Home Inspectors. Everything from your heating to the structure of your home will be reviewed. To give you a more detailed understanding of what is included in your home inspection, read on to learn the specifics.

Interior Gold Home Inspection

The interior aspects of your home inspection will include a thorough check of outlets, walls, floors, and ceilings, your countertops and cabinetry, and any light fixtures that are built into the home. Gold Home Inspection providers may follow a systematic approach to inspecting the home’s interior, beginning with the floor, and moving up to the ceiling. Lastly, inspectors will check the appliances in each room. The home inspector will move in a consistent direction around your home to avoid neglecting any areas.

Home Inspection report

Exterior And Structure

The exterior aspects of your Gold Home Inspection will include a check of the visible foundational features. The inspector will then move up to the exterior walls, windows, and doors, the siding, the material of the home itself, i.e., (stucco, brick, concrete, etc.)., the state of the exterior paint, and the exterior walls. Collectively, these areas will be checked for issues like cracks and decay, staining, crookedness, damage, and bowing material.

As with your interior home inspection, home inspectors take a bottom-up approach and work from the ground to the roof. Your Gold Home Inspection will also check to see if exterior wood is making contact with the ground. Some structural components are already accounted for during the exterior home inspection, but additional checks for the structure may also include checks for drainage, the state of the garage or any decks, and the straightness of the visible foundation.

Roof Home Inspection

The home inspection for your roof will include a thorough check of the shingles and whether they are showing curling, signs of excessive patching on the roof, signs of staining on the roof, the cleanliness of the vents, the state of the gutters, and the levelness of the chimney.

Your home inspector will review your roof for evidence of rust, staining, damage, improper alignment, and the conditions of different parts of the chimney and fascia boards. Your home inspector will check additional areas, including your basement, crawlspace, the electrical, and so on.

You can find home inspectors’ checklists online to verify with your home inspector that they have gone over all of the elements required for a satisfactory home inspection. You want to make sure that your Gold Home Inspection includes the above four areas, as these are some of the most critical places where dampness, mold, and termites can manifest.

Have Your Home Inspected Routinely

The consequences of unaddressed issues can lead to the physical breakdown of your home and can poorly influence your health. For your overall safety, please have your home inspected routinely.

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