Spearfishing For Beginners: Everything You Need To Start Spearfishing

Spearfishing is an exhilarating sport and is increasingly becoming popular among freedivers and scuba divers alike, however just like anything, you first need to learn the basics to master the sport and enjoy it.

If you are a novice and wish to start spearfishing, stick around as we outline essential points to get the most out of this interactive and rewarding activity.

Get the right gear

You have numerous options when it comes to buying spearfishing gear. Most divers make the mistake of buying every spearfishing accessory, which usually weighs them down. Others don’t carry essential tools, which can be dangerous when in the water.

Ensure you buy the right speargun for you. It should be weighed and balanced to suit the type of fish you are hunting. The kind of gear you carry will also depend on the underwater conditions.

If you are hunting in strong currents and large prey, you will need more powerful spearguns that require training and experience to master. As a beginner, all you need is a good speargun, a proper knife, and buoyancy tools, all available at Neptonics.


Start small

The first few times you go spearfishing, ensure you start with smaller targets and hit near or behind the top of their gill. Doing this reduces the risk of making mistakes and increases your chances of success.

Another way you can build your confidence underwater is to start with basic gear such as a pole spear. This will help you learn the basics of becoming an expert spearo. They are also affordable compared to air-powered guns. Using simple gear will help you start early as well.

Do your research

The best way to ensure you are successful at becoming an expert spearo is to research and learn everything about the sport. You can start with diving lessons to learn how to use breathing equipment underwater. The lessons will also teach you the basics of deep diving.

Research helps you learn the best waters for spearfishing, the best spots, and even the fish species you typically hunt. A spearfishing class is the best to teach all these things, so ensure you enroll in one. If you can’t get a good course, you can also get an expert to teach you the basics, learn how to dive, the gear to use, etc.

Safety first

Spearfishing is an exciting and challenging sport, but all spearos understand that it can be dangerous, especially if you are not taking the necessary precautions. Safety should be a priority before going, during, and after each dive into the water.

There are many scenarios in which danger can present itself when in the water. You can be entangled in fishing nets, bitten by fish, eels, or even hit by a boat. The risk of drowning underwater is also very high, so you have to be extremely careful.

Ensure to take all necessary precautions, keep your weapons and hands where you can see them. Dive in places that are not too advanced for your skillset.

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