Tinder Mistakes And 5 Top Tricks To Get Matches

In a world, where men are too afraid to talk to women in person and technology rules our everyday lives the dating marketplace has gone digital.

Tinder, dating apps, are the most common form of meeting and communicating with the opposite sex. Yet man’s caveman brain has not evolved to deal with this new technology. So to save you from your small mortal male brains, we have come down to help you.

Tinder and dating apps, in general, are the most efficient way to get high-quality dates, however, the caveat is that you learn how to use them.

So here are 5 rules every guy needs to know to avoid common Tinder mistakes and to have success AKA an inbox full of tinder matches.

#1 Set Your Goals

Are you looking for something  Casual? A Relationship? What kind of girls are you looking to meet? What are your values and your non-negotiables in a partner? This needs to be conveyed through your profile. If you’re looking for casual flings then shirtless photos and a very playful casual bio to match is probably your vibe.

Think hard on what your goals are with tinder,   they make a huge difference and help you stand out. If you don’t have a goal you won’t be able to score because your profile will lack purpose and direction.

#2 Swipe More Often

Tinder Profile Of A Girl
Image copyright: Tinder

Play for volume. Most matches and girls you swipe on won’t go anywhere. That’s just the nature of dating apps. This is why you want to keep your options open because it’s never a   done deal until she’s in front of you on the date. Swipe and swipe often.

Don’t overinvest and create a love story in your head about where you and the girl you matched with will move to after getting married and how many kids you have. The average girl has more guys in her inbox than you can fathom. Understand this and set your expectations accordingly.

#3 Persistence Is Key

Her inbox is full, she might’ve just missed your message or forgotten to respond and then got distracted by her 10 new matches that day.

On tinder, no reply is the same as a rejection. So if its’ been a few days or a week,  the chances of a reply are almost zero because she’s gotten so many messages in the meantime.

So you’ve practically already lost. You have nothing to lose by following up with a quick witty message to give yourself another shot at her response. Something like “I think you forgot to press send”  is a good non-needy follow-up I like to use. Don’t be too full of ego or too prideful to follow up and double text a girl because it works more than you think and is a valid strategy. Remember, you’re on tinder to connect with and meet amazing women, you’re not on there to get an ego boost. So focus on the goal.

#4 Integrate Social Media

90% of attractive women on dating apps will put their Instagram handle in their bio.  I mean think about it, Why would I  bother messaging or even swiping on a girl from a dating app when her bio already gives me everything I need?

This is how elite-level men get 2-3  dates per week from dating apps,   without needing to send corny pickup lines. But this ONLY works if you have a  properly pimped Instagram profile. If your profile looks like  99.9% of guys, you’re screwed.

#5 Great Photos Are The Key 

This sounds obvious. Trust me, it isn’t. 99% of guys on dating apps have terrible photos and it’s the biggest reason they lack success.

If you’re lazy or you just wanna focus on one thing, then focus on your photos,   that will get you 80% of the benefit from tinder that you need.

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