Understanding Your Twin Flame Life Path Number

Just like Astrology, Numerology states that your birthdays have a lot to say about yourself from personality to strengths as well as your purpose in life. Numerologists believe that all numbers and the correlation between them are mystical and point to a lot of past, present, and future occurrences. Some people believe that they have much more meaning, purpose, and contribution in our lives while others who believe in numerology consider numbers as just a symbol.

Numerology deals with studying numbers to find their mystical meanings, which is used as a path for a deeper understanding of our own selves as well as our partners. Numerology plays an important role in understanding two individuals (more accurately partners) twin flame life path number. Before proceeding with this whole concept, we need to first understand what is Twin flame is and what is life path number is.

What is a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame is an intense soulful connection between two individuals who share a deep soulful bond. These individuals are sometimes called “mirror souls”. It is based on the belief of one soul getting split between two bodies.

They are two halves that can be completed by joining together with a sense of completion and intense unity. Twin flames have similar personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Twin Flames often also have similar life experiences and journeys which allows them to connect due to similar trauma and joy they’ve encountered throughout their life.

Many people also tend to confuse the term twin flame with soul mates but twin flame love goes way beyond what we think of soulmates. Twin flames are believed to teach us the most about relationships and life partners. Meeting and connecting with your twin flame is believed to be one of the most relatable soulful encounters one can ever feel. Following is the methodology to know if you’ve found your twin flame by calculating the Twin Flame Life Path Nuber of two peoples.

What is a life path number?

The life path number is identical to the sun sign in astrology. It represents the course of actions in your life. It also reveals everything about yourself including your identity, purpose in life, the lessons you need to master in your life, your strength, weaknesses, and talents. So how to calculate one’s life path number? It is simple.

A life path number is simply the addition of all numerical digits of one’s birth date until you end up with a single digit. For instance, say your birthday is July 1, 1996, which is numerically 7/1/1996. Reducing the year to single-digit you’ll get [1+9+9+6] = 25. Now simply add the month and date, [25+1+7] = 33. Finally adding these two-digit gives you your life path number which is 6.

What is Twin Flame Life Path Number?

The Twin Flame LP Number is the combination of two twin flames’ life paths. This number signifies important details about the twin flame’s journey and also uncovers whichever twin has a leading role in the divine purpose they are meant to fulfill.

To calculate your Twin Flame LP Number, add the life path numbers of your twin and yours and deduce the number to a single digit. This number is your combined life path number. Suppose your life path is 5 and your twin’s life path is 2, so your joined life path number (Twin flame life path number) would be 7.

Same way If your LP number is 7 and your twin’s LP number is 4, then (7+4) = 12, deducing this number to a single digit, the Twin flame life path number would be (1+2) = 3.

What is Twin flame numerology?

Twin Flame Numerology states that sometimes “the addition to two twins’ life path numbers will reflect the Life Path Number of one of the twins’ original LP Number. For instance, two twins have LP numbers 9 and 3 respectively.

Now the summation of these numbers [9+3] equals 12, which reduces to [1+2] equals 3. Which is the original LP number of one of the twins. This combined LP number points to something about both Twin’s divine mission and also reveals which of the twin is leading in the said divine mission.

Some Claims Regarding Twin Flame Numbers

Some numerology experts also make conflicting claims like,

  • Two twin flames always have the same life path numbers
  • Two twin flame’s life path numbers always add up to 7 or,
  • One of the two flames always has a life path number 9

But remember that these are only claims or beliefs and there is nothing to back up these beliefs. So, don’t get carried away if your twin’s life path number is different from yours. Twin flames can actually have matching life path numbers but it’s not an all-time necessity. Having the same exact life path number as your twin flames is not the only confirmation of whether an individual is your sacred spiritual partner or not.

Finally, Remember This

You can imagine a twin flame as a mirror soul or a person’s other half. In Savva’s words, “A twin flame is one’s own soul shared across two different physical beings”. Your life path number is the addition of all digits of your birth date until you get a single digit.

This number discloses many things like your identity, necessary life lessons, your strengths, weaknesses, talents, etc. The deduced summation of two twin flame’s life path numbers is called twin flame life path number. This number ranges from 1-9 and has a lot to say about both twins’ divine purpose in life.

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