16 Tips To Planning A Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The 16th birthday comes with much excitement as a teenager looks forward to transitioning from a child to an adult.

You can make the day a memorable one by considering several factors. Find out some top sixteen tips that can help you plan for the party.

1. Hire A Limo

Any teenager will look forward to being the talk of the town, and there is no better way to grant them their wish than getting a limo for their sweet sixteen birthday.

You can make it easy by finding a suitable vehicle by using a limo service like Price 4 Limo, where you will find various companies offering limo services. Having a one-stop place to compare prices, availability and photos save you time. You can choose the car you want with some classic ones like Escalades and Hummers. You also get to choose the company offering the most attractive deals and still get the perfect ride for your event.

2. Date Selection

It is essential to remember your loved one’s birthday on the exact date, but that does not mean you have to hold the party on the same date. The day could fall when family and friends are busy, and the joy of the event is having everyone present to celebrate and send their good wishes. Therefore, involve the birthday person in selecting a date that will accommodate the people you want to attend it.

3. Have A Guest List

Having the names of every person you want to attend the event is crucial. Early planning helps you get every name down and know the number of people who will honor the invite and thus prepare accordingly.

4. Choice Of Food

Many of those going to attend the party will be teenagers. As such, you have to get cuisine that thrills them. Organize a buffet so everyone can get to choose his or her favorite meal.

5. The Birthday Cake

A guy with Birthday Cake

When selecting the kind of cake for the party, the teen chooses the decoration they want. Consider the size of the cake too so that it is enough for all the guests.

6. Sending Invitations

People have their plans, and it would not be polite to expect them to attend a party after receiving an invitation a few days before D-day. It is courteous to send an invitation early, like two weeks or even a month in advance. If possible, design the card uniquely with the party theme and decide whether to mail them or have them hand-delivered.

7. Make Early Bookings

You may require different service providers for the party, and it would inconvenience you if you go to them at the last minute. Make early bookings to ensure every vendor prepares well to make the day a good one.

8. Create Long-Lasting Memories

As time passes, the mind may not have every detail stored to make it memorable; you can find a unique way to make the day remain forever etched in your mind. You can have posters, t-shirts, or gifts dear to the birthday person getting signatures from all the party attendees. It will help to look into finding ideas for decorations and other items at a party store. They’ll have everything you need to make your party or event unforgettable.

9. Have A Budget

If you do not plan, you may spend too much money without a budget. Therefore, take note of all the things you will need and then plan a budget that will accommodate the most important stuff.

10. Choose A Theme

The theme of the party should reflect the person’s personality celebrating the birthday. Popular themes include masquerade, fairytale, red carpet, and glow theme.

11. Entertainment

A live band may not augur well for a teenage party, and going for a DJ would be a better option. You can also select the kind of music to be played and have an MC with creative in-game ideas suitable for teens.

12. Have An Itinerary

An organized party has a plan to make things easier. All activities that will take place at the party need to have time allocated to them and try to stick to it to make the event flow smoothly.

13. After Party

It will make the day end in style if there is an after-party where close friends remain behind. The party can extend until late or when the group feels they have had enough.

14. Photo Session

Even though phones and other smart devices make it easy to capture fun moments, you can consider getting a photographer and a videographer. Professional videos and photos are of high quality and attractive to put in an album.

15. The Party Dress

The teens celebrating the birthday have an idea of how they want to look, and they need to look their best since all eyes will be on them. Therefore, as you choose what to wear, let it speak sophistication, comfort, and elegance.

16. Choose A Venue

If the party is away from home, you need to pick a venue early. Pay a visit before the day and discuss what you would like for the event with the management.

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