Comparing The Features Of Halaplay With GetMega & Choosing The Best

The gaming industry is flourishing with a multitude of online gaming apps and websites. Every gaming company is trying its best to launch a desirable gaming platform for gaming enthusiasts. As a result, HalaPlay and GetMega have come to the forefront.

Both gaming platforms aim to provide a smooth and interactive gaming experience to the players. To do that, gaming developers of both HalaPlay and GetMega have added many unique features.

Since both gaming platforms offer skilled-based games, developers have focused on creating a simple UI to attract the attention of the players. Also, to keep up with the interests of gamers, these platforms also offer exciting rewards and prizes.

HalaPlay and GetMega further allow users to keep a track of their daily performance that can help them improve their playing skills. Let’s see other aspects of these two gaming apps and decide which one is best for the audience.



HalaPlay is a Daily Fantasy Sports platform that hosts different cricket tournaments and matches. Here both casual and serious cricket fans can play cash-based games that are quick, simple, and entertaining. Further, HalaPlay allows players to create teams, join leagues and earn cash rewards at the end of each game. The leagues provided by this app include Test Matches, ODIs, and T20s.

Also, sports fanatics can join in La Liga, English Premier League, Champions Trophy, Euro Cup, Copa America World Cup as well as Indian Local Leagues in Kabaddi. By allowing only verified and real players, HalaPlay gives opportunity to everyone to play the skilled-based games and win real money. This app aims to benefit users by providing a detailed leaderboard.

HalaPlay’s leaderboard gives a rough idea about a person’s rank in the middle of a tournament thus, making it an intuitive one. Further, the results are put up on the leaderboards once the competition has successfully concluded.

HalaPlay developers have designed a user-friendly interface. Recognized as a good program for today’s users, the UI runs seamlessly without any latency. HalaPlay’s User Interface is also clean and has been used by Indian gamers to win real cash and shop through skilled-based games. Further, this India-based gaming platform provides simple gameplay. Users just need to download the app and explore different video games.

After selecting a tournament of their choice, players can exercise their gaming skills against other contestants and win real cash and attractive prizes. To hook users’ attention, HalaPlay offers many referral rewards.

Once a person invites his friend/family to play a game on this platform he can get such rewards. Also, this app provides attractive sign-up bonuses that you can use to play various games on its portal. Though Halaply does not have any audio feature, the app promises to secure the personal information of the players.


GetMega is an online gaming platform that provides sheer fun and entertainment to Indian gamers. This app hosts a wide variety of games based on three groups: Casual, Trivia, and Cards. The games here include GoPool, Carrom, Warship, 123, PickMe, Poker, and Rummy. Just like HalaPlay, GetMega also allows only real players on its platform. The developers of this app verify each player with their Facebook and Google IDs.

If they find any account to be suspicious they terminate that particular player’s registration process. On this platform, 100% of real players can get a chance to win real money. All they have to do is simply participate in various matches or tournaments.

The 24×7 leaderboard is the most intrinsic feature of GetMega. These leaderboards are both task-based and winning-based allowing players to earn prizes by winning or simply playing. Based on your performance on the leaderboards, you might be awarded attractive gadgets including mobile phones. Also, by securing the first 10 positions on the leaderboards, players can win up to Rs.100,000.

The developers of GetMega have worked their best to design a clean and user-friendly interface. This User Interface provides a transparent, smooth, real, and honest gaming experience to the players. Also, GetMega’s UI is intuitive making it easy for individuals to interact with the games on this platform and earn rewards. This gaming app makes itself a versatile one in India by flaunting both vertical and horizontal gameplay.

These gameplays change as per the games you choose to play. For example, if a person is willing to play Poker, Carrom, or Warship, he will experience vertical gameplay and if he wishes to play Rummy or GoPool the app will offer horizontal gameplay. Like HalaPlay, GetMega also offers different referral programs and sign-up bonuses to the players.

When a person invites someone from his contact book to play games on this platform he receives an incentive of Rs.10 as a referral reward. Further, GetMega allows audio and video features with high-quality videos and HD sound making it the most interactive gaming platform in India.

So hopefully you have gone through the features provided by HalaPlay and GetMega if you haven’t, then check them now and make your decision.

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