Trendy Drinks That Taste Good

“What’s that person drinking? I’m seeing that everywhere these days!”

If you’ve ever uttered a version of the line above, this article is for you. Below, we’re charting the trendiest beverages on the scene in 2024. These drinks are big on social media. They’re buzzy around the office water cooler. And they’re a ubiquitous sight in college quads, malls, and hip neighborhoods.

Some trendy beverages didn’t cut, however. The criteria in this article are simple: The drinks have to taste good. Here, without further ado, are the trendiest drinks in 2024 that have earned their popularity the right way – by tasting amazing.

(Most of the) Viral TikTok Drinks

TikTok is a juggernaut tastemaker these days. If a beverage gets a bump from the platform’s many influencers, it’s sure to be a hit.

And most of the viral drinks on TikTok make it big for a reason. Dalgona coffee, a frothed blend of instant coffee, sugar, and dairy, delivers “champagne” results on a “beer” budget.

The mega-popular Creamy Lemonade mixes sweetened condensed milk with lemonade to create a deceptively simple yet majorly satisfying twist on the typical drink. The matter-of-factly titled “jam and soda” is a playful and resourceful use of pantry staples that creates something more than the sum of its parts.

Chatime’s Bubble Tea Menu

Bubble tea has been trending for years and shows no signs of slowing in 2024. For the unfamiliar, bubble tea (or “boba,” depending on who you ask) is a Taiwanese import consisting of smooth black tea, rich dairy, sweetener, and the all-important tapioca pearls. Or, at least, that’s the classic bubble tea.

Brands like Chatime are pushing the boba envelope to deliver innovative flavors and forward-thinking presentations. In addition to classic bubble tea, the ultra-popular brand offers drinks like:

  • Grass jelly roasted milk tea
  • Matcha red bean smoothies
  • Chocolate Hazel bubble tea
  • Passionfruit fruit tea boba
  • And several other innovative twists

Best of all, you can customize your drink however you like. Choose your base, choose a topping, make it iced or hot, pick a sweetness level, etc. To review the countless possibilities, visit the website.

The Mocktail Revolution

red mocktail with lemon on side

Mocktails used to be relatively uninspired, featuring little more than boxed juice, a citrus wedge, and a paper umbrella to remind you what you’re drinking.

Now, they’re a full-blown industry, as more people consider a “sober curious” lifestyle – or just want no-strings-attached drink when they’re out with friends.

In an average grocery store or online retailer, you can find countless examples, ranging from zero-alcohol takes on the classics like mock-Negronis and “no-jitos” to innovative creations like rosemary-sea salt Palomas and blood orange/rhubarb spritzes. They fit in perfectly at a party, but they’re just as suitable for mornings, after workouts and long drives.

These drink trends are everywhere. And now, you can join the club by crafting your own TikTok beverage, visiting Chatime for a satisfying boba, and shopping your local supermarket aisles for a creative mocktail. What’s your favorite trendy drink?

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