3 Ways for Men To Look Effortlessly CHIC

It’s not just women who like to look good – men do too. Whether you’re male or female, looking your best usually requires a fair bit of effort, but it doesn’t have to if you know all the tips and tricks.

There are a number of subtle ways you can create the illusion that you’ve put in more effort than you actually have, and here are three of them.

Match your metals

The first mistake people make is not paying enough attention to the finer details of their outfits. Generally speaking, you’re either a silver or a gold person, but you might have certain items that you own (either through gifting or by sentimental value) that perhaps don’t match your personal preference.

It could be that you like gold the most, but you have a pair of cufflinks you really want to wear to an event, but they’re silver. Mismatched metals don’t look great, so make sure you have complimentary items for every metal. For example, if you have a silver item, make sure you have other silver accessories to go with it. You don’t need to spend a fortune; men’s silver bracelets and watches can be picked up relatively cheap.

Other people won’t be paying too much attention to branding, but they will definitely notice if your metals are glinting differently in the light. For this reason, make sure you match your metals. You’ll look instantly more put together, but it doesn’t require any real effort on your part.

Stylish guy wearing silver bracelet

Match your fabrics

In the same way, you should be matching your metals, you also need to be matching your fabrics, too. This means ensuring your watch strap (if leather/faux leather) matches your belt, and that your belt matches your shoes. If you’re wearing tan leather shoes and a thick black watch strap, but you have a dark brown belt on, you will look mismatched and like you haven’t thought about what you’re wearing.

With this in mind, try and keep your fabrics to matching shades. You might not find the exact hex color on your belt in the form of a pair of shoes, but as long as you try and stick to the same color family, you’ll instantly look more put together.

You likely have multiple pairs of shoes in different colors, so it’s worth having multiple belts and interchangeable watch straps. Keep your metals in mind – a tan belt with a gold buckle should be coordinated to a tan watch with a gold face. Uniformity is key when it comes to looking effortlessly chic.

Always stay well-groomed

You’d be surprised at just how much of a difference a fresh haircut and well-maintained facial hair can have on your overall look. Yes, you will need to make a bit more of an effort with this one to make sure you visit the barbers regularly and keep on top of your facial hair and eyebrows, but for the sake of an hour’s worth of grooming, you’ll look fresh and professional all month long.

Think about it this way; if you have a good haircut and well-trimmed face, but you’re wearing sloppy, comfy clothes, you’ll still look better than if you had an unkempt haircut and facial hair in desperate need of a shave. When you’re well-groomed, the rest doesn’t matter – the canvas already looks good.


These are just three ways you can look effortlessly chic. Pair these tips with good outfits and some beautiful aftershave, and there’s no doubt you’ll be looking your best with little to no effort at all. What hacks do you use to look like a million bucks but without all the effort?

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