A Black Tie Wedding Tuxedo With A Dark Twist

While the traditional black tie tuxedo and wedding ensemble harkens back to the 1940s and 50s with the sleek monochrome look and a white tux shirt, a variation of the same can be had with a bit more of a dark twist.

Instead of the white tuxedo shirt, the groom and groomsmen wear a dark black shirt similar to the tuxedo jacket and pants.

It could be accented by a white bow tie and pocket fold, or those could be all black as well. Either way, an all black wedding suit definitely stands out as a distinct move that is not typically seen at a wedding or much less many other events.

Common Places for All-Black Tuxedos

Black Wedding Suits

Casinos, high-end nightclubs, and evening restaurants are probably the most likely places to see a black tuxedo. In fact, the look harkens back to a style from the South of France and Grecian styles from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Many of them were seen in James Bond movies, for example, highlighting fashion styles in Monte Carlo and similar. Today, every once in a while, an all-black tuxedo look is seen in the Hollywood Oscar ceremonies or similar for music awards. However, it’s not a typical look, and an all-black tuxedo style definitely would be a rarity for a wedding.

Interestingly, the monochrome look highlights different tuxedo shirt styles that can be worn with such a suit, and the person is extremely focused on an appearance against all black.

Prepare for Some Disapproval

While an all-black wedding ensemble can definitely be avant-garde, a wedding couple should be prepared for some criticism. Many generations will still see the idea as a bit disrespectful of social customs, even if the wedding day is supposed to be the special day for the couple and no one else.

And there is always at least one relative who will make their opinion more than known just to make a point to everyone else. A “funeral processing” is probably the most polite insult that can be levied.

The interesting part is, aside from the distinction of color placement, one could be wearing literally the same style tuxedo package a regular, classic tuxedo with a white shirt.

The only difference is that the appearance is all black, with the absence of any other color involved. However, even something as simple as that can seem to trigger a disturbance in many, especially those from older generations where customs were very strict when they were growing up and being married.

It Does Stand Out

However, despite the grandparents frowning, the all-black look can be very distinct, especially in photographs from the wedding. A good bit of advice is to plan for the wedding to either be in deep summer when the colors are strong in the evening so that the black stands out against the backdrops.

If the wedding is going to be planned in the winter, then focus on a unique look with snow in the backdrop. It can be very striking and leans towards the monochrome look, again highlighting the bride with a black tuxedo to lean on in the cold.

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