The Ultimate Guide On How To Stay Fit And Healthy

I was just pondering and came to a conclusion to jot down something on health and fitness and here I am to tell you about my fitness journey, workout routine, eating habits, and some more tips and facts that I have come across in these years of fitness.

I have made an ultimate guide on how to stay fit and healthy.

According to me, health and fitness, these days are more of a trend than literally what it is.

Nevertheless, something is better than nothing. So, if trends are making people fit then what’s the loss?

Silly talks apart,

Fitness is one of the most important components of a healthy human and I am not stating this for the fact of just saying but mean it as I’ve personally experienced it.

About a year or so, my mouth was a greedy bin that was always ready to intake anything at any time and my stomach was no less than a black hole.

I loved exercise but the definition of my exercise was an activity requiring oral effort carried out to sustain or improve never-ending hunger.

With time, I realized that I was transforming into a bloated sausage and I needed to urgently take concern of it.

And that was when I started the exact exercise routine and started eating a balanced diet.

Although I’m still working hard over it I’ve found a great change in me and my body, rather, it has also been helpful to freshen up my body.

Let’s get started

Honestly, it was not a task that showed its miracle in a day or two but it was and is hard to do and keep on doing.

The most important trick that I have learned and would like to tell us is that if you want to, you will but if it is not in you, THE FIRE, then you won’t be able to do it.

So, the mantra is just telling yourself that you are courageous and you can do it, say it, do and repeat.

I was a couch potato but it was what made me do against my laziness and made me fit enough to continue. I made changes in my routine and my eating habits.


#1. Fewer Carbs

What I mean by no carbs is cutting off the intake of products like bread products, ready-to-eat cereals, milkshakes, ice-cream, cereal bars, cake, pies, muffins, sweetened canned fruits, sugary drinks, fruit juices, corn chips, potato chips, and candies.

I know, it is a long list but yes you have to cut ‘em out of your diet unwillingly if you want to get into shape.

#2. No Junk Eating

Junk eating, all the tasty stuff like pizza, burgers, and other mouth-watering entities, SAY GOODBYE TO THEM.

Now I think this is what I cut down from my eating list. Let us come up with some tips;

The tips that I’m going to tell you are the ones which are repeated and told by every fitness freak, a trainer, and probably in the books too.

A balanced diet is what I have kept and would tell everyone to keep on the top of the bucket list.

Earlier we talked about what not to eat but it does not mean that we have to starve and get skinny and one day we are found fainted on the floor (LOL).

So, we all have heard that the lunch, dinner, or breakfast that you are going to eat must have all the essential nutrients, which we learned about ages ago in childhood, recall that and add fats, essential carbohydrates, proteins, and other things which Google named entity will tell you.

#3. More Running and Physical Activity

Physical activity is a “must-do” if you’re hoping to achieve a generally healthy lifestyle. You can cut out all of the junk food you want, but if you’re not moving your body regularly, you won’t be building muscle, improving your fitness levels, or enhancing your strength in any way. Following a clear and simple plan when it comes to running or exercise is one of the only ways to stay on track, especially if you’re not sure where to begin.

By following a couch to 5k plan, or something similar, you will have clear short-term goals to reach, as well as accountability along the way. Being a complete beginner when it comes to running is nothing to be ashamed of because everybody has to start somewhere.

In just a short space of time, you could be running further than ever before without even breaking a sweat! It will take some time, motivation, and dedication to reach your goals, but a running program will help you to stay on track.

Moving further we come across another problem:

How to include the blend of all the nutrients into the diet?

So what I say is that homemade food, i.e., pulses, vegetables, fruits, millet bread, and other homemade items already contain these nutrients.

But people like me, who need great concern over calories, have to follow some eating rituals that your gym trainer, dietician, or nutritionist can provide you.

Apart from that, you can also make your diet chart by simply distributing the no. of calories you need in a day and remembering to eat, add, and reduce the edibles from your diet.

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