What Does The UNO Reverse Card Meme Means

A lot of people have started seeing memes related to the UNO reverse card. People are confused. What is the UNO Reverse Card meme? Why there is a big hype surrounding it? There is a story behind it and here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the UNO reverse card?

UNO reverse card refers to comeback after the other player plays their trick in the UNO game. It is like a form of karma. Playing a reverse card will reverse the direction of the game and you deflect what your opponent has played. So basically the game makes the sentence “what goes around comes back around” come true.

The history behind the UNO reverse card meme

Most of the memes today are spread through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The UNO reverse card meme became famous when an Imgur user uploaded a photoshopped version of a UNO reverse card that reads “No U”.

uno reverse card 7

In October 2018 a subreddit named r/UnoReverse was made and was flooded with memes related to the UNO reverse card. As memes have become an integral part of our culture this meme was spread with a wave. People started making makes and these memes gained a lot of likes on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For example, in the UNO reverse meme, Doctor says to his patient that he has only 3 days to live. The patient slowly places the UNO reverse card on the table. After this scenario, we can see the doctor in a sad moment.

UNO reverse card meme 5

You can see how the patient made a comeback. This is what this meme is all about.

UNO Reverse Card Memes

There were a lot of cat memes made on this as well. When someone’s cat tried to be funny by waking up their owner early but the owner one day wakes up the cat early. This type of text funny cat meme gained a lot of views and thus making this meme the ultimate sensation.

Uno reverse card 3

There were also memes about love using the UNO reverse card. When someones call someone cute then they throw back a UNO reverse card on them as a symbol of love. People also send this type of sticker when someone showers love on them.

Uno reverse card 2

There were many funny UNO reverse card memes as well. A meme depicting the scene in which Thanos snaps to make people disappear but instead red Iron man shows the UNO reverse card and Thanos starts disappearing himself. This in itself is a very funny scene.

Uno reverse card 4

Uno reverse card 5

Uno reverse card meme

UNO reverse card meme 3


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Tiktok Videos about UNO reverse card

This ultimate meme was also made famous by TikTok views. Those who made videos on TikTok about this meme gained a lot of views and when one trend gains ultimate views than other people also follow that trend. Tiktok videos depicting the meaning of the UNO reverse card were very popular and they gained a lot of views. People use TikTok a lot and TikTok videos with the latest trends always get a very good amount of videos. People using TikTok send these videos on other social media networks as well to get more views. So, TikTok also made this meme very popular due to the views that Tiktok videos get.

Different color UNO reverse cards (Red, blue, and green)

Uno reverse card 6

There were many UNO reverse card stickers in various colors like blue, green, red, and many other. Each color card depicted a different meaning. Read card depicted a different meaning, a blue card depicted a different meaning and a green card depicted a different meaning. Which color card you send as a sticker depends on the type of need of the conversation. Each color has a specific sticker and some don’t know what each color signifies so they send whatever color card they like.

Uno Reverse card stickers

There were a lot of stickers made on this as well. People loved this meme so much that they started sending stickers while chatting. If there were people in a group chat and they were making fun of each other then the sticker of the UNO reverse card was sent as a comeback. You can send stickers for the reverse card on various messaging platforms. These stickers are available in various colors. Blue, red, and green are the most famous colors. These three colors make the game more fun. We can also see the use of this sticker in text and videos that have a lot of views. Some people add all three red, blue, and green colors to their meme text to signify how funny and ultimate the meme is.

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