Cool And Creative Ways To Repurpose Beer Cans

What happens to a man’s six-pack when they no longer got booze? They naturally hit the bin because, well, you can’t make out anything to do with them when they are empty. That’s a very wrong notion.

Beer cans, just like most junk in the house, can be recycled and in many ways. Beer cans are made of aluminum, and can be processed at an aluminum can recycling KC facility. Aluminum is perceived as the new plastic because it can be processed and recycled forever without losing its properties. Once stripped off impurities, shredded, and melted, the old beer cans produce new beer and soda cans, aluminum foil sheets, and pie tins. They are even used to make aircraft and automobile parts, among others.

Collecting beer cans and sending them to recycling centers is but one option to keep them off landfills. They can also be repurposed, along with other beverage cans, to do craft projects for your home. Here are some creative ideas you can try:

1. Yard art

There are many ways you can create yard decor with old beer cans. You may either flatten or shape them into flowers, a sun, or any other shape fitted for your outdoor space. You may even create a wreath and spray paint it according to your preferred color. Old beer cans are also perfect for turning into windchimes. You can simply hang them up or decorate the can and make them even more charming.

2. Cookie cutters

Do you want some spare cookie cutters for the kitchen? Old beer cans are very suitable for that. Their edges are super sharp, and this project is quite simple. You only need to clean and flatten the can and glue specific areas together to make it into your desired size and shape.

3. Lampshade

Do you want a real hip lamp shade for your man cave or game room? You may use the beer can as the stand for your lamp, piling up as many as you need to get to the height you prefer. For the shade, use the pull tabs and glue them together.

4. Planters

Empty beer cans make for cutesy planters. You may spray paint the outside or use it as is. Then, simply peel off the top completely, add soil, and plant. Make several of these and create your own beer garden. Beer can planters are perfect for cactuses, succulents, and even herbs.

5. Candleholders

When your old and empty beer cans are cleaned, with the top removed, you can do a lot of things with them. You can use one as a desk accent doubled as a pen holder. You can also fill some with candles, turning them into really hip candle holders. For best effect, puncture holes all over for a nice effect. You may also paint them for a fancier appearance.

Beer cans don’t have to take up landfill space. Instead, make money by collecting your trash and sending them to recycling facilities, or get creative and repurpose your cans to keep you busy while enhancing your creativity.

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