8 Perfect Plans For Unforgettable Men’s Bachelor

If you don’t just want to party, here you will find innovative options to celebrate the groom properly. From practicing adventure sports to enjoying an exotic dinner with body sushi.

There are bachelor parties for all tastes, styles, and intensities. It all depends on what the groom wants for that moment and, more importantly, on what his friends have prepared for him, often surprisingly.

Therefore, if you do not want to stay in the typical format of a bachelor party in a discotheque, try different ideas such as those that, on the occasion of International Friendship Day, we suggest below.

1. Pool Night And Drinks

If what they are looking for is to share a pleasant conversation in an intimate space among friends, a pool table, a bowling alley, and a few drinks will always be good company for them. It is also great for men’s bachelors to combine pizza and beer. However, if you want to take it up a notch, a Bottled in Bond whiskey would be a perfect addition.

2. Sports Afternoon

Playing sports is an excellent way to relieve stress for a nervous boyfriend or to relieve tension for his friends before the big day, whether you play soccer or participate in a paintball battle. Karting and canopy are other original ideas. Everyone will have a lot of fun and, since they will surely whet their appetite with so much activity, it will be perfect if they end the day enjoying a delicious barbecue.

Guys having fun

3. Bar With Karaoke

Although it is a practice that tends to relate more to women, bachelor men also love to sing in public. So, since it’s a special occasion to celebrate the lucky friend, choose a karaoke bar and prepare your best songs to have fun like never before.

4. Dinner With Body Sushi

If you want to give the bachelor party a more daring touch, surprise the groom with a banquet that includes body sushi or body sushi. It is an ancient Japanese custom, originally practiced with geishas, ​​which consists of eating, in this case, pieces of sushi, deposited on a woman only covered with them. Surely the party will thank you very much for this unique experience.

5. Games Night

Going to play games is another good alternative to celebrate a bachelor party. And it is that in addition to having fun among all playing, they can eat and drink right there as much as they want. In addition, the casinos offer various shows every night, such as live bands, standup comedy shows, or magic acts, among others.

6. Ride In Luxury

Whether onboard a yacht or a limousine, an idea that does not fail is to take the boyfriend for a walk along the coast of the city, depending on where they are. Obviously, he deserved everything that night: whiskey, cigars, tasty sandwiches, and the best music to lighten the mood. Hire one of these services so you can relax without worrying about anything.

7. Weekend At The Beach

This option gives for everything, although they do not have to behave badly or do prohibited things when they meet without their partners. They can also take the opportunity to remember anecdotes with friends relax in the cabin watching a movie or practice some water sport during the day. Also, if there are any chefs in the group, this is their chance to shine.

8. A Day At An Amusement Park

Although they are all adults, it is never too late to enjoy the adrenaline generated by a roller coaster or the vertigo of a pirate ship. And since the groom will surely be under a bit of stress in the run-up to the marriage, it will be amazing for him to forget about everything for a while and release tension. And what better if he does this in the company of his faithful musketeers.

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