Tips To Enjoy Fine Dining At Luxury Restaurants On A Budget

Luxury restaurants offer one of the best delicacies you can get anywhere. The atmosphere with fantastic service makes it an excellent place for a romantic date, family reunion, friends hangout, and business dinner.

According to London House Orlando, a private dining and social club that offers premier culinary, fine dining is more expensive than a typical restaurant because a trained chef prepares the food with high-quality ingredients. At the same time, experienced staff are hired to attend to customers.

Also, the restaurant management invests in designs and facilities to create a great atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal.

The cost of fine dining makes many people cross it off their bucket list instead of ticking it as done.

However, if you would love to experience fine dining at a top-notch luxury restaurant without getting a bill you cannot afford, below are some tips to save you some costs.

Book for lunch instead of dinner

If you want a high-quality meal at a budget-friendly price, book for lunch. Dinner is usually priced higher.

Surprisingly, many fine dining restaurants overlap between their lunch and dinner menus; therefore, you can enjoy them at a lower price.

According to some experts, restaurants break even on lunch and make a profit on dinner. So, take advantage of this offer to get fine dining ticked off your bucket list.

Order from a bar

Search for luxury restaurants with a bar. A lot of them are usually lenient on orders coming from the bar.

Instead of mandating you order a full meal as in the restaurant, they may allow you to order an affordable plate.

Some places also offer bar specials, happy hours, or an entire menu. Consider this compensation for sitting elbow to elbow with stranger neighbors.

It is also an avenue to interact and meet new people, unlike the main restaurant where you might be the only one at the table.

Coupons and gift cards

Follow popular food and lifestyle blogs for coupons and deals. Some magazines also feature these deals on a weekly basis.

Another way to get a discount is by letting your family and friends know about your wish to dine at the restaurant. Inform them that you would be okay with receiving a gift card to actualize the wish.

This may interest them especially if you are the type people do not know what you will appreciate as a gift. They can purchase the restaurant gift card online or at a local grocery store.

Go on Weekdays

Weeknights are usually the busiest times at most restaurants, including those offering fine dining.

Due to the high demand, they may charge higher than usual compared to weekday booking. This is because the number of visits during the weekdays is usually lesser.

A restaurant may offer discounts or special menus on weekdays to attract more people.

Check the luxury restaurant of your choice to confirm if they have such offers.

Look around before you order

One major reason a lot of people end up spending more than they planned for fine dining is ordering too much than they can actually eat.

Take a look around to see what others are ordering and the potion. This is recommended if you are not a fan of leftovers.

Ask the waiter for a recommendation of meals you can finish at a go. If you go with your family, instead of ordering excess of everything, order a small portion of everything.

This allows everyone to have a taste of the variety of dishes on the menu without any leftovers and overspending.

Forego alcohol

It will amaze you how much you can save if you inform the restaurant not to include alcohol in your order.

Aside from saving you additional expenses, a drink can lead to another and then another, which could result in a long bill.

You can also try out vegetarian dishes too. They are less expensive and a means of opening your palate to a new world of taste.

Proper research

Except it is your wish to eat at a specific restaurant, research different fine dining restaurants to choose the one with the best offers for your budget.

Restaurants in areas where rent is cheaper also tend to charge lesser. Remember, rent is part of the running cost of the establishment.

Check online review websites and blogs for recommendations on places to get great deals.

Checking out menu prices before visiting will also help your wallet decide on what to order instead of your stomach.

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